The Trendy Sparrow: Style Session: Scallop Skirt and Fringe Boots

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Style Session: Scallop Skirt and Fringe Boots

At this point, I would imagine most of you know I'm pretty obsessed with Blair Waldorf; particularly her extremely feminine sense of style. Her affinity for ruffles, lace, pussy bows and more strikes a cord with me. She always looks incredibly soft, feminine and yet completely powerful all at the same time. It's a balance I try to maintain in my own wardrobe. And though many of you could easily tell I have a love for Blair Waldorf simply by visiting my online shop, you probably wouldn't be able to guess a couple of my other secret fashion idols...Marsha Brady (don't judge) and Twiggy. I'm actually kind of obsessed with the fashion 60s and 70s...bold prints, fringe everywhere, and non stop color. This look is a sort of wink, wink, nudge, nudge play on these three fashionable ladies. It's their fashion tastes all rolled into one...mine.


So...can we just talk about these boots for a second? I'm dying! I was seriously obsessed with these the moment I saw them and it took everything I had to wait for them to go on sale. Luckily for you, they are even more on sale now! I just can't get over how incredibly expensive the taupe grey suede looks and comfortably they fit. I knew they would be the statement of any outfit I wore, so I wanted to make sure I had the other pieces in my closet to make up this chic puzzle. When you're dealing with something that's covered in fringe, it's only natural that you would swing toward an outfit that was 70s inspired. I didn't want to go festival style though. I didn't want boho, Coachella, or denim for days....I wanted 70s, but modern and sophisticated. Enter Marsha Brady. 

I added this adorable faux suede button up skirt because the scallop details were seriously giving me life. I loved toying around with the idea that if Marsha Brady were young today...she'd totally have this skirt in her closet. It's the perfect culmination of 70s (suede & button up) with a modern twist (scalloped hem). But the feminine touches of the scalloped hem had me wondering...would Blair own this too? Did I find something that would be in both the closet of a 70s style sitcom and the in the Upper East Side closet the size of my bedroom of my favorite Queen B? I think I have!

Once I got it into my head that this skirt could easily be owned by both Marsha Brady and Blair Waldorf (and that the boots were classically Marsha), I wanted to add a top that was quintessentially Blair. Which top to choose was a no-brainer for me. It's my classic Blair top. This cream blouse has tiny ruffle details on the sleeves and comes with a detachable pussy bow. What could be more Blair? I skipped the bow, unbuttoned the top a little, and gave this chic little 70s inspired number an Upper East Side twist. 

What do you think of this era mixing ensemble? 

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