The Trendy Sparrow: Style Session: Denim & Floral Farmers Market Attire

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Style Session: Denim & Floral Farmers Market Attire

Drew and I spent Saturday morning at the Green City farmers market here in Chicago because it was seriously the most gorgeous morning ever. We decided to be "those people" and head on over to the market for coffee, breakfast, and some healthy veggies (although I really only cared about the flowers... peonies to be exact). 


See...I've always seen photos of these farmers markets that are filled with buckets and buckets of peonies. It was a pretty day...and this girl needed some of those pretty pink flowers for my apartment. Unfortunately, nobody told me that it's the early girls who get the flowers (I had only been informed about some stupid bird and worm). By the time we got to the market (mind you it was still 10am...) all that was left were 4 sad, pathetic peonies that were already wilting... NOOOOOOO! But hey, it was still a seriously gorgeous day in the city, and I feel like this look was still pretty fabulous for a girl with no flowers.

This has been one of my favorite dresses in my closet for about 3 years now (I know...I'm sorry, but it's old). But believe it or not, this was the first day I ever wore it! After having it in my closet for 3 years!! I know, it's terrible. But it took me forever to find the right bra to wear with it. And it had to be a warm day. Those are relatively rare here in Chicago. But now that it's almost summer (and I finally have an amazing sticky bra) I can't wait to start wearing it all the time.

Since the 90s are basically back in full swing, I paired my favorite floral number with a classic denim jacket. I cuffed the sleeves because it was pretty warm out, and it actually helped to improve the look in my opinion. least I feel like I mastered the "farmers market look" even if I didn't exactly get to the famers market in time for any of the good stuff. Here's hoping that I can get out the door at a decent time this Saturday. If not, looks like I'm just going to be the kind of girl who gets her flowers at Whole Foods. I think I'll be fine with that...after all, I do love my sleep.

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