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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Mother's Day Gift Guide

It's almost Mother's Day again (May 8th) and time to pick out the perfect gift idea for mom. I don't get to see my mom very often, maybe a few times a year since we live on opposite sides of the country. As much as I know my mom loves flowers and chocolate and all the cliche things we've come to associate with this holiday, it's important for me to get my mom something incredibly special. Something that she will be able to hold onto all year long and be reminded that I love her dearly even though I'm hundreds of miles a sweater that reminds her that I love to cuddle and hug her, soft slippers that remind her that she's done enough for us already; so relax some, or a simple necklace that just let's her know...I love you. 

Here are some of my favorite gift ideas for mom.
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