The Trendy Sparrow: Boss Babe Book Club May Discussion: Tales from the Back Row

Monday, May 30, 2016

Boss Babe Book Club May Discussion: Tales from the Back Row

It's that time again! I'm so excited to dig into the discussion of May's Boss Babe Book Club read, Tales From The Back Row by Amy Odell. As always, don't forget to leave your comments and reactions to the book in the comments section. I'd love to hear what you thought of the book! This one turned out to be a new favorite for me. I'm a sucker for anything that is drenched in sarcasm, and this book had more of it than fashion lovers have black in their closets. 
So let's dive right in, shall we?


Amy's book is first and foremost a memoir of her experiences in fashion. From assistant, to freelancer, to blogger, to editor of, Amy has seen so much of the ins and outs of the fashion industry....most of it from the back row. Her book is essentially a long satirical piece about the world of fashion and how it takes itself to seriously. Between snippy interactions with the infamous Anna Wintour and her quick encounter with Karl Lagerfeld himself, Amy writes about how even though fashion is amazing, life changing, and something to be loved...some people take it a bit too far with their obsessive, judging, and rigid approach to fashion. We can't all rock $500+ clothing on a daily basis and most of us will never see the inside of a fashion show tent...but does that mean we can't love and appreciate fashion? And if we do, but we don't agree with the masses (aka Vogue) at all times....are we not fashion people? Amy's book highlights a lot of the hypocrisy within the fashion world, emphasizing that it's okay to be your (super sarcastic) self in the world of fashion.

What Amy's book is mostly about is the benefits of hard work. Amy started out as an assistant, scrambled to get any freelance position she could, worked hours on end as a blogger for The Cut, and eventually became the editor of She went from no fashion week, to back row views, to a prime seat on the front row; all while staying true to her own personal voice/view of the fashion industry and working her ass butt off. And as much as I couldn't help but literally "lol" and the majority of the things Amy wrote, the thing I loved most about the book was how much she emphasized working hard. Now, I realized I'm a lifestyle blogger who posts photos of themselves to the Amy would probably be making fun of me somewhere for trying to obtain "instant fame" (not the case), but her message about hard work is one that I can absolutely get behind. Whether you're working as an unpaid intern, posting selfies to your Twitter account, or the CEO of a company....hard work gets you places. It really does, and Amy is proof of that.

So, whether you're looking for a motivational book about tackling challenges that come your way, working hard, and pursuing your dreams....or you're looking for a hilarious book about the fashion industry that's drenched is so much satire that you'll spend half the time laughing and the other half rolling your eyes...this book is for you. At the very least, it's a detailed behind the scenes look at what it's like to be "in" the fashion world...even if it's on the outskirts of in.

So babes....what did you think of the book?

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