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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Master Bedroom Refresh with Minted

A few weeks ago, my long time boyfriend, Drew, moved in. We had been planning on living together for a while, but we had to wait on him to find a job in Chicago so he could relocate. Ever since he's moved in, we've been (slowly, but surely) working to turn the apartment from "mine" to "ours" by blending our decor styles. My taste is more feminine plus contemporary meets vintage (see my old bachelorette apartment here) and he likes more industrial meets natural and modern. 

So how on earth could we bring such different tastes together?! Cue Minted! Minted is an online marketplace filled with products designed by independent artists from all over the world. Artists compete for the chance to have their work sold on Minted. You can buy prints, home decor, and paper goods; all designed by some pretty amazing artists! Using Minted, we decided to tackle the master bedroom first. Click READ MORE for the rest of the post!

We knew we wanted to keep mint and gold as the main color scheme. Those were my old apartment colors, and I already owned a lot of things in those shades. We decided to ditch the pink (waaaah) and add more white instead. The idea was to keep our master bedroom looking cozy and inviting, while also looking modern and sophisticated.

We found this San Francisco print on Minted, and it was sort of the "ah ha" jumping off point for the rest of the room. It was a print we both instantly fell in love with! The colors were perfect and I loved the angle of the photograph + all the white space. We even opted to get have ours signed by the artist; which helped make us feel like we were really starting our own wonderful art collection. When you're younger and just starting out, investing money in an art collection is hard (and expensive). We were able to get this limited edition print and have it signed, all at a reasonable price! Now we can start growing our art collection together as we grow. 

The next step was curtains. We have these GIANT windows in our bedroom on the wall when you first walk in. All of the beautiful natural light is one of the reasons we loved this place so much. I wanted to accent them with lighter curtains so that the room remained airy and cozy. I didn't want it to look dark, but I wanted to highlight the windows with some beautiful curtains. We were able to find these stunning light mint or "sky" colored geometric curtains on Minted. The color was so me and the pattern was so him. It was perfect. I accented the curtains with a modern looking metallic gold rod and ends.

Since both our curtains and bedding were mint, we needed a way to pop a little more color into the room. This adorable splatter print pillow ended up being the perfect little addition. We used the San Francisco print to find a complimentary color. The print had a adorable soft yellow house and a little coral house; making this pillow the perfect choice. Plus I loved the graphic look of the black splatter against the soft colors. It reminded me of the telephone wires in the art print. It took some convincing to get Drew on board with re-adding some "pink", but calling it "coral" instead certainly helps. 

We added some of Drew's industrial design to the night stand with this amazing brass Edison bulb lamp. The nightstands themselves add my vintage touch (see the flea market flip DIY of the nightstands). And of course, we added one of our favorite pictures together to officially make it feel more like our home.

We love our little bedroom. It has become the perfect culmination of both of our styles and personalities...a crazy task that Minted managed to make much easier! It looks like even my sweet beagle, Lilly loves it, too! 

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Curtains: c/o Minted || Curtain Rod: Bed, Bath, & Beyond || Art Print: c/o Minted
Bedding: Bed, Bath, & Beyond || Bed frame: Wayfair || Front Pillow: c/o Minted
Nightstands: Flea Market find DIY || Lamp: Target || Books: Amazon

This post was created in collaboration with Minted. However, all opinions are as always 100% my own (like I would have it any other way, darlings).
Be sure and check out Minted on social media: #mintedart || @minted

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  3. Anyone will be in love with the mint touch in this room. Though there was a shade of some color, the mint still made the room fresher and peaceful. You have a cute dog there as well.

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