The Trendy Sparrow: Style Session: Floral jumpsuit and blush moto jacket

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Style Session: Floral jumpsuit and blush moto jacket

We had another crazy warm weekend this past weekend in Chicago! It was 60 degrees in February! That still just blows my mind. I keep trying to get wear all of my spring clothes as fast as possible, but I haven't had a chance to purchase too many new ones. So I was happy to bust out of my favorite pieces in my closet, my black floral print jumpsuit...

They don't make this jumpsuit anymore, but I've include several similar ones below. It seems like black floral is going to be a huge trend this year, and I've got to be honest...I'm loving it! I like the play on floral in a way that isn't traditional. The darker tones of the floral mean that I will be able to wear this look even into the fall. 

Because the jumpsuit is so dark, I wanted to give it some light and some life so I added my favorite blush pink moto jacket and some cute light pink flats. I like the contrast of the light and dark. I feel like it helps to break up the outfit and adds to it a level of sophistication.

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