The Trendy Sparrow: Fitness Style: Slaying in Colorful Yoga Pants

Monday, March 28, 2016

Fitness Style: Slaying in Colorful Yoga Pants

I've recently been on a bit of a health craze. Personally, I blame Pure Barre...but more on that later. Once I started working out more, I had a shocking revelation...I own ONE pair of yoga pants/workout tights!! Needless to say, my search for some amazing new workout pants began! I checked all of the typical places...but just wasn't impressed by the designs, fit, or the price. Eventually I found these unbelievably well-fitting and adorable ones from I designer I would have never ever guessed to check....Calvin Klein. Read on for more.

I'm of the belief system that your activewear should be adorable...but functional. So many of these "fitness" companies these days are designing clothes that make me wonder...."who is actually working out in those??" So I'm always extra happy when I can find fitness clothes that seem to tackle both fashion and function. I was shocked when I found these yoga crops in the Calvin Klein department of Macy's. I would have never thought to check his department for activewear....but these babies fit SO WELL! And they came in under $25! You just can't beat that.

Because I'm the kind of person who likes all the inspiration for my workout I can get, I tend to lean towards graphic tees and tanks for my athletic tops. I knew my SLAY ALL DAY tee would be the perfect addition to this look, while giving me the motivation to get out there and well...slay! And personally...I like to think that I did just that. 

Has anyone else been bitten by the fitness bug lately? Where to you get your workout gear?

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