The Trendy Sparrow: Valentine's Day Style: Pinks, Whites, and Reds....oh my!

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Valentine's Day Style: Pinks, Whites, and Reds....oh my!

I always flip flop back and forth with Valentine's Day. I absolutely love the day. That's not the question. I always seem to be unable to decide if I want to make a big "to-do" of the whole affair and go out somewhere fancy or if I want to chill and have a relaxing night in with my love. Does anyone feel like this? I mean, I'm definitely the kind of girl who likes to dress up and get fancy. I typically jump at any excuse to wear an adorable party dress. But for some reason on Valentine's Day, I am more wary of it. Maybe it's because everywhere gets crowded full of people and amazing restaurants suddenly become more expensive than normal. Who knows. So I decided to put together a chic outfit that combines the desire to dress up and the side of me that yearns to stay in and cuddle.

Valentine's day look in front of a pink wall. Pink blazer. Black tshirt that says "choose love", white skinny jeans, red heels.

Chose up of "choose love" graphic tshirt in front of the pink wall.

How stinking cute is this "clutch"? It seems like it was perfectly made for any chic Valentine's ensemble right?! Except, hold the phone, it's not a clutch at all! The reason it's so vday perfect is because it's a Valentine's Day decoration from the Target dollar section! It's just a cute $1 felt envelope made for love letters. But it's huge, holds a ton, and is pretty darn durable. I think it makes the perfect Valentine's Day clutch and adds a bit of whimsy to any vday look! And who doesn't love a clutch that's $1?!?! I've also been using it to carry around my iPad inside of my bigger purse when I'm out and about running errands.

White brick wall with the hot pink number 22. Bright red suede high heels.
Details of the hot pink blazer. Choose Love shirt.

Since I wanted to go for a look that met somewhere in the middle between a cozy night in and a glamorous night out, I started off with a incredibly chic graphic tee. This choose love tee is easily my favorite right now! I love how comfortable it is and how easy it is to pair with almost anything. I added some cuffed white skinny jeans and a bold pink blazer. The pop of pink adds such a fun element to the look and helps to elevate it. I topped the look of with some bright red heels. These are my absolute favorite and they go with everything, I swear! The heels and blazer allow this look to transition into the evening. So instead of going to a fancy dinner or slumming it at home, I can go out for a nice cocktail, listen to some amazing music, and spend a fabulous night with my guy. 

White wall with 22 number on it. Leaning up against it to show off the white skinny jeans and bright red heels.

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