The Trendy Sparrow: Valentine's Day Style: Love and a little sparkle

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Valentine's Day Style: Love and a little sparkle

As I'm sure many of you have figured out already...I love my store, blog, and company. It's my baby. It's my soulmate. To quote Shonda Rhimes "[my store] and I are made for each other". Yes, I have a boyfriend, and yes, I love him very much. But this year I've decided that The Trendy Sparrow is my Valentine. And why shouldn't it be? I spend more time with my store than I do anyone. It's always on my mind, and it makes me super happy. Now I have lots of other things in my life that I love and care about, like my friends, family, and my darling beagle Lilly. But TTS makes me so happy and it's my passion, so I've decided it's my Valentine this year. That inspired me to create our new LOVE logo tshirt, featuring our Trendy Sparrow logo right over my heart.

Since my store/blog is my Valentine, I wanted to rock an outfit dedicated to it. I started with our LOVE logo shirt and let TTS do the rest. I love a good sparkle, so I added a fun blazer lined with sequins. It's so important at Trendy Sparrow for girls to feel beautiful in our clothing, so I wanted to wear something that would really make me feel sparkly. 

Okay, I'm still seriously obsessing over this clutch that isn't really a clutch. Go to your nearest Target and raid the $1 section to see if there is one left. I use it all the time and I'm still blown away that it was a $1, haha. Does anyone else go into Target to buy like one thing and leave with 4567 things from the $1 section?!! It's just too good. Maybe that could be my Valentine... nah I'll stick with Trendy Sparrow :)

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