The Trendy Sparrow: Style Session: Channeling my inner 70s girl

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Style Session: Channeling my inner 70s girl

I've been channeling my inner 70s child lately. Not the boho hippie 70s though. That's just not me. You won't find me running through a field with a flower crown in my hair on the way to Coachella anytime soon. Don't get me wrong. I absolutely love the boho aesthetic...on lots of other girls. It's just not my personal taste, with the exception of some fringe here in there. No, when I talk about being in love with 70s style right now I mean something more like Diane von Furstenburg at Studio 54 (who ironically enough just released her new line inspired by her Studio 54 party girl days).

Luckily, we recently had a couple of lovely spring like days here in Chicago. We made it into the 60s! And apparently nothing made me want to go 70s quite like the breeze of some 60s weather. I recently bought these blood orange high waisted trousers because I knew they would be the perfect way to transport my style into 70s chic. I normally don't care for orange on my clothes. But there was something about how vibrant and rich this color was that made me absolutely have to have these pants. I loved the cut and feel of them, and the small pleats at the waist just made me love them more. My favorite thing is just how darn wide they are. When I have heels on (like I do here), you can see how well they flare out and fall. They manage to make me look taller, which I always love!
 (I've always wanted to be 6ft...this whole 5'7" thing isn't cutting it!)

I knew I needed to find the perfect top for these perfect pants. I didn't want my outfit to look like I walked straight out of the 70s, but rather a more modern interpretation of it. Luckily, I had the perfect lipstick patterned tank top from Anthropologie in my closet read to go. They are sold out of this tank, but I've linked some similar lipstick pattern tops below. I like that the lipstick's are a modern nod to the rise of feminism and freedom for women in the 70s. I untucked the tank a little bit and allowed it to billow. I wanted to keep the loose fitting vibe of the look. I'm so excited for warmer weather to be around more permanently soon. It will allow me to keep busting out all of these fabulously vibrant 70s influenced colors.

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