The Trendy Sparrow: DIY Gold Polka Dot Hanging Folder File Boxes

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

DIY Gold Polka Dot Hanging Folder File Boxes

I've said it before, a pretty office is what really keeps me motivated and going! Unfortunately, I've been a little slow at decorating my new office. I really need to sit down and decorate it one weekend, and let that just be my big weekend project. Luckily, I allowed myself some creative time recently to create these DIY gold polka dot file folder boxes. As a business owner and blogger, I have to keep up with all sorts of receipts for work. BORING! I decided that the only way that I could handle such a boring task was to house the receipts in a very pretty way!

Keep reading to see the full DIY project

Things you need:
4) Exacto knife

Step 1: Add the plaque

Luckily I went with these amazing gold ones from Martha Stewart x Staples! They are adhesive so all you have to do is peel and stick! Easy peasy!

Step 2: Stick on the dots

I just placed my gold polka dots on kinda willy nilly without a particular pattern. I didn't want it to look too uniform and boring. I used 1" circles. For the dots that line up against the label plaque, I used the exacto knife to cut away the excess so that it was a smooth line. I pressed the dot up against the plaque and created a crease where it was pressed against it. I just took a small exacto knife and ran it across it in one quick motion and pulled away the remaining dot.

Step 3: Fill with hanging file folders and boring receipts
Yes, this part is dull, but gosh those receipts have never looked prettier! What started out as a boring white box is now super pretty, unique, and sure to make your day more productive!

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