The Trendy Sparrow: Winter Fashion: Blanket Scarf and a Green Coat

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Winter Fashion: Blanket Scarf and a Green Coat

We were pretty lucky in Chicago that we didn't get hit by that crazy East Coast snow storm this weekend! But it's still chilly here with snow on the ground. That means we are still keeping bundled up around here in so many layers. I wanted to rock a cozy winter look featuring one of my favorite colors: green. 

Green is seriously one of my favorite colors! Plus, it's an amazing color to wear if you have red hair. Sometimes I like to joke that I dye my hair red just so that I can wear more green! Plus I feel like I always want to wear green more in the winter than any other time... it's like I'm convinced that if I wear enough green, I'll start to see green on the ground and on the trees. Can you tell I'm not a fan of winter yet? Haha. I feel like I'm always trying to find ways to make winter go away.

I took one of my favorite dark green basic sweaters as the base layer, and covered it with an emerald green coat. Even though they are both green, the large shade difference provides a great contrast. I wanted to rock this particular blanket scarf because it has a small bit of green in it as well to tie the whole look together. 

I finished the look off with a cute simple white and gold headband. I feel like by putting my hair slightly back, I let the blanket scarf stand out more. The white/cream of the headband tied in well with the main cream color of the plaid scarf, pulling the look together. 

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  1. Your blogs and each of its stuff is so pleasurable and valuable it is making me come back soon.

  2. The dress is beautiful and looks great on you! My color is turquoise. I think it complements my hair and skin tone (or so I've been told), but it's also a color I just enjoy wearing.

  3. Hi, thank you so much for all your wonderful information. Since I live in the opposite hemisphere (Australia), is there an archive area on your site so that i can read past posts about the opposite seasons?
    Warm regards from Melbourne which was a wet and cold 14 degrees today