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Monday, January 25, 2016

Valentine's Day Style: LOVE Graphic Tee

It's crazy to think that Valentine's Day is already just around the corner! And who doesn't love Valentine's Day fashion?! The pinks, reds, and feminine details!! I just love it all! That's why I created our amazing new LOVE graphic tee this year, featuring our The Trendy Sparrow logo.

While running the popup shop this year, we had several customers ask about our Trendy Sparrow logo..."Do you have any products with this on it?". At first, I was pretty shocked that people wanted merch with our logo on it. I though... "Who am I? Michael Kors? Nah." But enough people kept asking that I decided to test it out...and what better way than for Valentine's Day because it's all about love! 

And that's exactly what I have for The Trendy This company is my baby and I feel a deep love for everything that goes with running this company that I just can't quite explain. To quote Shonda Rhimes..."Writing is my soul mate. Writing and I are MFEO (made for each other)." That's exactly how I feel about running The Trendy Sparrow. We are made for each other. So I wanted to celebrate that love with this adorable graphic tshirt featuring our logo! What do you think?!

I wanted to give it some playful styling since it's meant to be fun and whimsical! I paired our graphic tshirt with some simple skinny jeans and a bright red pump (to keep with the Valentine's theme, of course). I then layered my absolute favorite bright blue coat over it to make a statement. I wanted this to be the kind of outfit that makes a girl on the street turn her head and wonder about that logo and what to know...who is that?

I always love wearing pastels in winter, and this outfit is no exception. I feel like pastels are so fun and playful, which are the perfect accent to the playful vibe I wanted for this graphic tee and for my company. It's the perfect look for a casual VDay date. The best thing about graphic tshirts is that you can also dress them up if you want to rock a less casual look.

A special thanks to Jennifer Lake of Style Charade for showing me this kick ass pink wall!

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  1. Beautiful color dress , I bet it's hard to find a lot of fusia wear. You look lovely!