The Trendy Sparrow: Style Session: Sweater for Wine Lovers

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Style Session: Sweater for Wine Lovers

Wine lovers of the world, unite! If you're like me and all you do is "wine, wine, wine, no matter what", then this is the perfect sweater for you! As much as I love dressing up and going to an adorable party, I also love to just relax at home with a big ol' glass of red. Sometimes it's really important to have nights like that, especially when you are constantly working or on the go like I am! Just because you are lounging around, doesn't meant you can't do it in style.

This wine sweater is fleece lined and insanely soft. Seriously, you will want to live inside of it. The boatneck keeps it extra cozy and loose. I mean...if I'm going to be pounding down classily drinking a fancy glass of wine, then I want to be cozy while I do it. I don't have much time for TV anymore (except for The Royals...Sunday nights are a "do not speak to me for an hour" kind of thing around here) since I work so much, but I DVR all of my favorite shows to catch up on when I'm having a relaxing night (ummm Mindy Project anyone?)

Who else loves a good red wine night? Do you have a favorite wine that you recommend?

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