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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

My Favorite Travel Essentials

I'm so excited to finally get to do some traveling! Granted, I'm only going home to Texas for a few days, but's warmer weather and a change of pace so I'll take it! I'm looking forward to flying. I really haven't flown in a while because I almost always end up driving everywhere for vacations, usually because I have my dog with me. This is the first trip I'm taking without her in a while. 

My favorite thing I received for Christmas was this adorable luggage from DVF. I'm excited to break it out and fill it with all of my favorite travel essentials! Here is what I am loving right now:

1) Jet Lag Concealer from Cargo Cosmetics: I always look like I haven't slept in days when I travel. This amazing concealer does the trick for making me look well rested and it's easy to travel with packaging makes it perfect for whipping out right before I hop off of the plane!

2) A simple chambray shirt: You just can't go wrong with a simple lightweight chambray shirt. It's perfect for almost any travel destination and can easily be paired with shorts, jeans, and skirts. It's the perfect "basic" base layer.

3) Easy to walk in flats (that are still cute): When I travel, I like to explore wherever I am and see new things. Even though I'm going home to TX, we are heading down to Canton for a huge antique market plus I'm exploring a new microbrewery near Dallas. All of those things mean lots of walking! I love bringing really cute and comfortable flats when I travel because they make all of that walking easy while still being stylish. Plus they take up less room in a suitcase. I always find the best flats for walking that are still cute over at Target.

4) A good book to read: I like being able to have something to do during the "down time" between travel activities and while I'm waiting around at the airport. I always have a good book with me for traveling. Right now I'm reading Wildflower by Drew Barrymore.

5) A sleep mask: I have a hard time sleeping in new places or sleeping on a plane. Having a sleep mask helps me sleep in unfamiliar places. 

6) My laptop: Because I'm literally always working, even when I'm on vacation.

7) Lots of layers: I will find a way to be cold in the heat and burning up in the cold. The best way for me to travel is with layers so that I have lots of options for finding the right look for the right temperature. Plus more layers means that you can mix and match to create more outfits with less!

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