The Trendy Sparrow: Home Decor: DIY Pegboard Yarn Statement Art for under $50

Friday, January 8, 2016

Home Decor: DIY Pegboard Yarn Statement Art for under $50

In our new apartment (that we moved into in August), we have this smaller wall in our bedroom that was the perfect size for our two dressers. We've been searching and searching for the perfect art piece to go above them. We were having a hard time finding something that we 1) both liked, 2) was big enough, and 3) didn't break the bank. Nothing we seemed to find checked all 3 boxes!

Then I saw this DIY headboard project using pegboard, yarn, and a little creativity. I decided to modify it to work as an art piece instead, matching our colors, style, and coming in under $50! 
Hello checkboxes!

I love the way the look and pattern changes based on what angle you are looking at it from! If you're looking for a stunning, funky art piece for your home and you don't want to spend a lot of money, this is the perfect DIY for you! Here's how we did it...

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

Here's what you'll need... (we bought everything at Home Depot & Michael's)

- 2 sheets of pegboard
- square dowels for the trim
- 3 packages of yarn (depending on how many colors you want)
- paint (both for the boards and for the trim) / paintbrushes
- crochet needle (small enough to fit through the pegboard hole


- small nails
- power drill 
- circular saw
- wall anchor kit to hang the 

Altogether we spent less than $42 dollars on everything we purchased, including nails and hanging supplies! Not bad at all for something that will be a huge statement piece in our bedroom!

Step 2: Paint the Pegboard

You'll want to put something underneath it as it will go through the holes. I just used some poster board I had laying around. Whatever color you choose to paint the pegboard will be one of the colors in your design so make sure it's a color you like! We went for a silver/grey.

Step 3: Paint your dowels

The square dowels will serve as the trim or "frame" of your art piece. I decided to paint mine a metallic gold to give it a high end look. This piece was all about mixing modern and industrial with natural elements. That's why I wanted to paint the board and trim a metallic color. 

Step 4: Bust out the power tools

Not really. We did because it was easier. You just need something to adhere your trim to the pegboard. You could use Gorilla Glue (let it sit overnight) or just a good ol fashioned hammer and nails. The wonderful thing about pegboard is that the hole is already there for you! We drilled little holes in the dowels and then hammered in some nails. Make sure you get a nailhead that is wide enough to not go all the way through the hole.

Step 5: Begin the weaving!

This is the fun (and incredibly exhausting/long part)! You want to start weaving the yarn in and out of the pegboard holes to form your pattern. We used 3 colors and formed a diamond + chevron pattern with them. We got thin yarn so we weaved everything twice to make it look thick enough. That's part of why things took so long. You might want to look for a thick yarn. It took me about 4 hours to weave both of the pieces. I took the crochet needle and used it to pull the yarn through the holes on each side. I would not have been able to be patient enough to do it without the help of the needle! Even though it took a long time, the stunning graphic effect of the art makes it all worth it! Plus the savings in my bank!

Step 6: Hang to the wall and stare and how fabulous it is!

I seriously can't get over how much I love these pieces. They fit in so well with the overall look and style of our bedroom (tour coming soon). They are bold and graphic and something we could both agree on...especially with my tendency to lean towards making everything look super girly. And at barely over $40 for both (compared to the $100s+ for artwork), they are certainly a steal.

For more ideas, check out my DIY and Bedroom Decor Pinterest Boards.

Check out my Etsy Store, The Trendy Sparrow, for chic art prints, coffee mugs, and apparel.

Thanks for reading, dolls! Come back for more!


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