The Trendy Sparrow: What's in my Bag (12.11.15)

Friday, December 11, 2015

What's in my Bag (12.11.15)

It's time for another edition of "what's in my bag"...because who doesn't enjoy being extra nosey once in a while?! I love doing "what's in my bag" posts because so many of you ask me about my daily essentials and looking into my bag should tell you a little big about the things I can't live without!

First of all, I love this purse! It has a bottom pocket that is the perfect size for ballet flats. Target doesn't make it anymore, but Kate Spade has a very similar one. I'm always working and often forget to eat because I'm so busy. I like to keep some healthy snacking options like Boom Chicka Pop around for those days! I mainly wear contacts, but I like keeping my red glasses with me for when my eyes need some rest. I love love a good bold lip, so I always keep a good color as well as my favorite lip primer from Cargo nearby! I always have my planner on me or else I would lose my mind. My phone...duh. And I always have some sort of journal with me to jot down any ideas I have for the business, blog, or otherwise. 

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