The Trendy Sparrow: Style Session: Kate Spade Dress and Winter Sparrow Belt

Friday, November 20, 2015

Style Session: Kate Spade Dress and Winter Sparrow Belt

Oh my major spoiler alert, but the wonderful sales lady at the Kate Spade in Chicago let it slip to me that the new December collection is going to be completely dedicated to the "winter sparrow". Ummmmm.... go ahead and take all of my money Kate Spade! As if I really needed more of a reason to shop at my favorite store, they are pretty much dedicating an entire new collection to me! (well...not really, but I feels like it....and after all, it's the thought that counts, right?)

Needless to say, I'm going to be pretty much buying everything. I found out this little snippet of information while snagging this adorable sparrow belt. It's the first sneak peek into this adorable new collection! I cannot wait to see everything else!  

PS... You can get 25% off the Kate Spade capsule collections right now using promo code: RIGHTNOW.

I had to pair the belt with one of my favorite blue striped Kate Spade dresses. This cutie isn't in stores anymore (I scored it at 70% at the outlet mall during the July 4th sale), but I've liked similar ones below. I wanted to channel my total inner Blair Waldof and pair it with a flowy white blouse.

Umm...can we talk about dress pockets for a second?!?! I'm the kind of girl that will buy a dress just because it has pockets. Anyone else? My favorite thing about this dress though is the vivid colors!

I wanted a bright pop of color with this dress so I went with my favorite pair of red heels. Does it look like I'm matching my hair to my heels to my Starbucks?? Haha! I didn't mean to! It just so happens that Starbucks decided to make their cups the same color as my hair :)

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