The Trendy Sparrow: Style Session: Blair Waldorf in a DVF Purple Dress

Monday, November 16, 2015

Style Session: Blair Waldorf in a DVF Purple Dress

When days get chillier, I like to layer a long sleeve shirt under a sleeveless dress. This drop waist Diane von Furstenburg purple dress is perfect for creating this time of look! And it's on MAJOR sale for less than $80 (plus Last Call has an extra 10% off promo code) right now. 

I wanted to create a look that could easily go from day to night, from work to dinner or to happy hour. Now that I am going to be going into my own retail store everyday, I have to start thinking about outfits that can transition well and function adorably in multiple settings. The sleek look of the drop waist dress and the addition of the neck bow make this look perfect for running a retail store and then heading out for happy hour cocktails with some of my favorite blogger babes!

I wanted to add my favorite white button up with a bow underneath it for a very Blair Waldorf style look. The bow addition gives this outfit a chic and work-friendly look.

Fun Fact: 
A bow tied around the neck like this is called a "pussy bow". The pussy bow was created back when women started going into the executive workforce during the 1980s. When women started working in higher positions beyond secretarial work, there wasn't a standard for how they should dress. They created the "pussy bow" to wear as a feminine version of a man's bow tie.

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