The Trendy Sparrow: What is TagSpire?

Monday, October 5, 2015

What is TagSpire?

Hey darling readers! I'm thrilled to discuss a new fashion shopping app, TagSpire
What is TagSpire? It's almost an Instagram/Shopping hybrid. You post your photos to your TagSpire profile, and you can tag the items in the photos with either 1) selections from the warehouse or 2) links to websites. If the item you are trying to link is available in the "warehouse", then your followers will be able to directly shop the items straight from your photo! 

And the best part? If someone buys get paid, too! :) 

So here's how a post works....
When you first open up the Tagspire App, you see your feed. You can then add a photo from a new photo, camera roll, or just post something straight from the warehouse.
I decided to take a photo of my Kate Spade planner!
Once you have your photo, you get to start tagging it with either items from the warehouse (the $ sign), a video (the camera), or link it to a URL online (the link).
I searched "Kate Spade" in the warehouse and found my planner! Yay!
(Side note...the warehouse doesn't have everything, but they are adding more and more everyday)
So now my planner is tagged. I added a caption, and posted my photo! If someone scrolling through my feed, they could click a photo, click the $ sign and shop the planner (and other items) straight from my photo! And if someone buys it...TagSpire pays me! 
So head over to the App store and snag TagSpire. It's free and anyone can join! Start posting beautiful photos while also making a little extra money! 
Be sure to also check out my TagSpire profile & follow me!

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