The Trendy Sparrow: Style Session: Pink and White Umbrella and a Plaid Coat

Friday, October 30, 2015

Style Session: Pink and White Umbrella and a Plaid Coat

Don't let those rainy days get you down...go play in them instead!

It's been raining a lot these past couple of days here in Chicago, and I was in dire need of photos for the blog. I'm just looking out for you darlings ;) But of rained and rained on the day I had scheduled to shoot a new look. Instead of getting down and grumpy with the weather, I decided to embrace Mother Nature and went out into the rainy day bold, fashionable,! how stinking cute is this umbrella? I love the bright pink and the playful pattern of the stripes. The only bummer is that you can't buy it anywhere. It was one of those "free gift with purchases" over at Victoria Secret this summer. It was so cute that it made me meet whatever minimum purchase price that was required. I can't remember...

Don't worry though, I've linked a couple of similar cuties down below. 
Kate Spade has some adorable umbrellas!

Okay... but can we seriously talk about this mural?! How amazing is this! It's a giant kraken wielding a motorcycle while attacking Chicago. And it's pretty bad ass if you ask me! I liked the idea of wearing something ultra girly up against this edgy, kick ass mural.

Of course, I couldn't forget the boots. I decided to go all "matchy matchy" with my umbrella and boots. According to Fashionably Late with Rachael Zoe, the whole matchy look is back. Personally, I just like that the two together were just a bold pop against this black and white mural.

So next time it rains, darlings, don't get down. Don't frown. Don't pout.
Instead, get colorful. Get happy. Get pink. And embrace the rain. Show it your prettiest, happiest self.
How does that song go... "I'm only happy when it rains"? Be happy all the time. Rain or shine.

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