The Trendy Sparrow: Style Session: Fall Polka Dots

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Style Session: Fall Polka Dots

Every now and then (mostly during the bitter winters), I miss living in Texas...but when it's fall in Chicago and the leaves turn these utterly beautiful colors...I feel 100% at home. Sometimes I like to wear neutral colors just so that all of the gorgeous fall colors around me get to do all of the "popping" and get the attention. Of course, I have to throw in a few prints.

We went to the street market this weekend since my mom was visiting from Texas. I wanted to wear something that was chic and classic, but also comfortable since we were going to be walking around outside. And when it's fall in Chicago, you must always wear layers.
You never know if you will get a random chilly breeze and a warm ray of sunshine.

I snagged this polka dot top and Anthropologie the other day after my Block 37 Popup Contest interview as a "you've got this" present to myself for doing a great job during the interview. I'm a big believer in little treats like that. Boss babes should do more for themselves and remember to pat themselves on the back sometimes. I absolutely love that it has pockets!
Plus, everything in the sale section was an extra 30% off!

You've got this, girl!

So...I know this technically isn't an "outfit" photo, but how stinking cute are we?? I'm so crazy in love with this boy. The funniest thing is, after he kissed my head he says, "I thought that would make for a cute blog photo". And it does :)

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