The Trendy Sparrow: Boss Babe Book Club October Discussion: Why Not Me?

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Boss Babe Book Club October Discussion: Why Not Me?

Hey all you fabulous amazing boss babes!

It's that time again...discussion day! I hope you enjoyed reading Why Not Me? along with us this month. It's not our typical Boss Babe Book Club book, but I've personally really enjoyed reading it! If you are just joining us or didn't have a chance to read this month, please go grab a copy of
Why Not Me? and swing back to this post anytime to include your thoughts on the book!

Let's get started!

Things I learned from the book:

1) It's so important to be yourself: One of the main things I love about Mindy, and something that is continuously highlighted throughout the book is that she is unapologetically herself. By staying true to who she is, her form of comedy, and her personality she was able to grow a brand and tap into a market that is completely her own. Instead of trying to conform to Hollywood's "standards" or bowing out because she didn't fit them, she remained herself and how has a large following (and 2 books!) because she's herself and she's real.

2) Nobody is perfect....not even celebs: While Mindy does make several jokes about how she's become "Hollywood" because of her oh so glamorous life, she points out something that we all forget sometimes...nobody is perfect...not even celebrities. I'm not talking about just looks here either. One of the main things Mindy focuses on is how incredibly hectic, exhausting, and busy her daily schedule is. People see celebrities on TV and think... "Oh, that's so easy. Her life must be so perfect." The truth is Mindy works ALL THE TIME, is constantly exhausted, and expected to look amazing while doing it. She talks about all of the intense things she has to do to look "camera ready" even for her such as the laser beam she uses to get rid of zits (ouch), but we just see the celebrity with the flawless skin and think that just somehow magically HAPPENS. It doesn't. Nobody is perfect, not even celebs. Don't hold yourself (or them) to some unachievable standard.

3) Hard work will get you everywhere: The thing I admire most about Mindy Kaling is her unwavering hard work. And she works...a LOT! She mentions over and over in the book that she is where she is today because she busted her butt to get there. She worked the amount she was "asked" by employers and then she worked some more. If she was told "no", she worked even harder. She pushed and didn't take no for an answer. That fire and passion to work to get your dreams is something I think we all need a lot more of. She's proof that if you work hard enough and don't give up, you can go places; regardless of whether or not you meet some industry "standard".

4) Confidence is earned, not a given: This is something that I was taught my whole life, and I was thrilled to see that someone else gets it too! When people ask Mindy (or me) why she is confident, she says it's because she worked her butt off to where she is now and earned to right to be confident in her field. Growing up, we were taught that people who are confident are confident because they are successful...and if we worked hard enough and became successful, we could be confident in what we do. I feel like so many people just feel entitled nowadays and are extremely confident and expect things to just be handed to them. You have to EARN respect from others and you have to work hard to earn the right to be confident in what you do.

Mindy also highlights a very important note about young girls' confidence that I want to reiterate and discuss as well. She mentions that even though it's good that we are trying to make sure that young ladies are strong and confident, by constantly talking about boosting their confidence...we might be sending the wrong message: that girl's need to be taught to be confident and that boys do not. By telling girls that they have to be taught to be confident, we might be telling them that they aren't innately good at stereotypically "male" things such as mathematics...and that's why they need someone to tell them to be brave and confident. I tend to agree with Mindy on this topic, and I've worried about this myself. Are we telling girls that they are naturally lesser and need to learn to be confident? By constantly talking about confidence are we making girls who didn't even consider lack of confidence to be an issue start to doubt themselves? And what about confidence programs for boys? By not having them, are we telling girls that they need help with confidence but boys don't?What are your thoughts on this issue?

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