The Trendy Sparrow: Style Session: Kaleidoscope Dress + Moto Jacket

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Style Session: Kaleidoscope Dress + Moto Jacket

I love mixing hard and soft together, in part because I feel like it is a lot like my personality. I'm both the Blair impersonator who loves party dresses, bows, and polka dots...while also being the girl who moshes at rock concerts. Who says you have to be boring or be the same thing over and over?

I cannot get over how much I love this crazy colorful kaleidoscope style dress. It's so playful and fun. The strapless cut is even flattering for no-boob girls like me! HAHA! 

I wanted to give this incredibly playful dress some edge. I recently bought this short sleeve moto jacket at Akira because I loved the idea of being able to rock a moto jacket even when it was too hot to wear a full on jacket. I decided to play with the hard and soft by adding the moto jacket to this pretty playful dress! I think the combination almost gives it a rockability/pinup girl style look.

Plus the dress is super pretty on it's own! The boning in the top of the dress is incredibly flattering and fits like a dream. Strapless dresses can be really hard for me to wear because...well...I don't really have anything to hold them up if you know what I mean, haha.

I love that the color choices on this dress pattern are perfect for both summer and fall. Sometimes it's hard to find really colorful looks during fall, but the purple, mustard yellow, reds, and black color scheme brings the dress into fall.

The thickness of the tulle lined skirt and cute tie-in-the-front bow give this dress the little extra details to make it adorable, feminine, and kind of a bad-a rockstar twist all at the time time!

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Dress: Akira (similar here and here) // Jacket: Akira // Shoes: Akira (similar here)

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