The Trendy Sparrow: Music to Motivate: The Boss Babe Playlist

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Music to Motivate: The Boss Babe Playlist

For a while now, I've been helping #girlbosses get and stay motivated with tips on working from home, business advice, and our monthly Boss Babe Book Club. I was trying to brainstorm future blog ideas on night while rocking out to music, when it hit me... we need a Boss Babe Playlist!

When I'm working on my blog or business at home, I'm constantly rocking out to music that pumps me up and motivates me to GET. STUFF. DONE! Music always really gets me motivated to keep working. I've noticed that when I have a playlist that makes me want to move around, I get more things done because time just sort of slips away. I wanted all of you boss ladies to have something to rock out to, so that you stay motivated and feeling like a BOSS!

The Boss Babe Playlist is a Spotify playlist of 102 songs designed make you feel like your most #GIRLBOSS self! Have it on in the background while you work. Have it on your headphones when you're out running errands for work or life! I like to start my day by listening to in while I walk my dog first thing in the morning. It gives me that extra move in my step that makes me want to get to work!

Follow the Boss Babe Playlist on Spotify and get to work!
Feel like the list is missing your PERFECT song? Let me know! 

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