The Trendy Sparrow: Meet our Intern: Andrea!

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Meet our Intern: Andrea!

This past year of taking over my store, The Trendy Sparrow, full time has been a whirlwind of new and exciting adventures. In just one short year, we've grown faster and bigger than I ever imagined! With that growth comes new faces! This year I had my first experience hiring interns with the guidance from fellow blogging friend, Neely of A Complete Waste of Makeup.

After several applications and interviews later, I decided on Andrea! She's a sweet and charismatic recent collage graduate with a major in photography. She's been interning at The Trendy Sparrow for about 2 months now; working on both the store and blog aspects of the business. She's already been a wonderful addition to The Trendy Sparrow team, and I'm excited to see what she will continue to bring to the table! 

Without further our intern, Andrea!

Name: Andrea Bottalla
Age: 22
Hometown: Chicago
Major: Photography

What drew you to that major?
I knew I would always major in the arts. I started out as a graphic design major, but after taking a few photography courses, I knew I had to switch! I have always loved taking pictures, even since I was little. It seemed like a perfect fit for me.

Where to you see yourself in 5 years?
To be honest, I am not sure. I am hoping to get out of Chicago and explore new cities though!

Who is your role model?
My parents who have always supported me.

A few favorites…

Song: Currently, Can’t feel my face by The Weekend

Food: pizza!

Quote: “il dolce far niente” …. the sweetness of doing nothing

Tell us something fun about you!
I was able to study abroad my junior year in Rome, Italy for 5 months. My apartment was across the street from The Vatican’s main entrance and I always saw the Pope coming and leaving. I also was able to see all the press conferences held when other countries representatives came to speak. It was a very cool experience!

I'm so excited to continue to work with Andrea throughout the duration of her internship! She's already been a wonderful addition to the Trendy Sparrow team (including taking most of the photos you see on the blog; see her website for more). I can already tell she's going to do amazing things with her life!

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Thanks for reading, dolls! Come back for more!

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