The Trendy Sparrow: Style Session: Colorful Spray Paint

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Style Session: Colorful Spray Paint

I think it's important to every now and then try out an outfit that is outside your comfort zone. Otherwise, how will you evolve? ;) Cue this caged spray paint dress from French Connection. Looking on the hanger, it's not something that would normally "scream me". 
Where are the bows? The polka dots? The Blair style flair? 

More than anything, I was drawn to the color and shape of the dress. Plus it fits me like a glove! So this dress is "me", but edgier with attitude! 
The "cage" details of the straps give it such a "hardness" that I really liked. 

I wanted to play off the colorfulness of the dress with my shoe. I decided to go for a "pop color" that wasn't featured in the dress itself...yellow! I think that extra color serves to play-up the whimsy of the look. This is also why I chose a neutral color for my clutch...I didn't want color galore.

I encourage you all to go grab a new item for your wardrobe that is beyond your comfort level. Add some adventure and spicy to your closet! Sure, everyone has a "look" they gravitate to or a piece in their closet that they wear almost weekly, but it's important to also have a piece that allows you to "try a new you" every once in a while.

Has anyone else purchased an "outside your comfort zone" piece lately?

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Dress: Akira/French Connection // Shoes: Akira // Clutch: Akira

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