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Monday, August 31, 2015

Boss Babe Book Club August Discussion: Creative Confidence

Hey hey everyone! Welcome back to the Boss Babe Book Club! Today we will be discussing the August book club selection, Creative Confidence.

I'm so thrilled to discuss this book today, as it's pretty unique compared to our usual readings in a couple of ways.... 1) It was written by men and 2) It takes a more social science approach to business rather than giving experiences and advice. 

What were your initial impressions of the book?

I, personally, really enjoyed this book. It was a bit of a slower read, but I found the information provided in the book to be quite helpful. I might have had a somewhat different approach to the book due to my background in the social sciences and psychology. (But according to the book, diversity and multi-disciplinary backgrounds are where its at!) I enjoyed and appreciated the research and data behind some of the points they were making, and loved that I already new the teachings of a couple of the researchers (ex: Albert Bandura), but it was amazing to see their work reexplained in this new way concerning creativity. 

Things I learned from the book:

1) Anyone from any background in any profession can be creative, and apply creativity to their occupations.

2) Just like with any skill, creativity takes PRACTICE! Part of the reason some people don't think they are creative is because they don't try to be or practice creativity in their lives.

3) Creativity doesn't just mean the arts (painting, dancing, sculpting, etc.) but rather creativity is more about innovation and problem solving; taking a product/company user into account using empathy.

4) Perfection is boring; stop wasting time trying to make a product or item PERFECT, and throw it into the world to see how it does. You may learn more from the users' responses to the item than you would learn trying to perfect the item yourself.

5) Teams are amazing and can produce lots of creativity simply from having people of different backgrounds work together; you see new perspectives!

6) The <3 and $ seesaw!!!! This is the best example of this crisis that I've ever seen! Chances are if you're reading the bookclub with us, you're probably in someway or another self-employed or are thinking about it. This balance between what your heart wants and money is critical to making that leap to self-employment/entrepreneurship. For me, this was the BEST chapter!

7) Did you see the exercises in the back??? Did you try any of them? They are very helpful!

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Thanks for reading, dolls! Come back for more!

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