The Trendy Sparrow: Style Session: Black and White Pattern Play

Monday, July 27, 2015

Style Session: Black and White Pattern Play

I love pattern mixing! Sometimes it's a little hard to find just the right patterns to mix in the right way, which is why I'm really excited about a trend I've seen pop up in stores lately: the same pattern mixed together, but with the opposite colors. 

Both the top and bottom of this black and white dress from Forever 21 are in the same bold graphic pattern. The only difference is that the top is white with black and the bottom is black with white. I've seen a similar style of pattern mixing from a black and white polka dot jumpsuit from Anthropologie, and I've got to say I'm loving this trend!

This dress allows for a bold pattern-mixing statement without all of the hassle of trying to figure out which patterns mix...and which well....don't.

Where to Buy these Items:
Dress: Forever 21 // Similar style jumpsuit: Anthropologie

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