The Trendy Sparrow: Working From Home: Motivational Surroundings

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Working From Home: Motivational Surroundings

When people make the leap from office life to working from home (especially if you're an entrepreneur), at first they are excited because working from home means freedom! You can work when you want and where you want! WooHoo!!! .... right? 

What people often forget to think about is that level of freedom comes with extra responsibility. Nobody forces you to work. Nobody makes you get out of bed. Nobody makes sure you stay on task. You have to do all of that yourself! If you don't (especially if you're an entrepreneur), your work and your business will suffer and decline. 

I've been working from home full time for almost a year now (plus I ran my business & worked while going to school for 5 years), and I wanted to share some advice on how to effectively work from home. These tips won't work for everyone, but hopefully you can find some that really help you to more effectively work from home! Today's post is the first one of this series, and it's all about motivational surroundings

As you can probably tell, I like to have a fun and playful environment to work in; surrounded by lots of little motivational messages everywhere you look. That's what works best for me. It's important to create a workspace (no matter what type of business you do) that keeps you inspired. Your work area should make you want to work. Mine constantly draws me into it, and is often a source of inspiration for future products. 

Where to Buy:
Blair Waldorf print // Fox print // Places she will go print // Watercolor Girls (unknown)
Destiny is for Losers // Polka Dot (it's actually just framed wrapping paper) // Profile Girl (unknown)

I like to keep an old school Pinterest board on hand to keep things that I really love and that inspired me right within viewing distance. It's also where I like to keep new product ideas. I want to know that if I stare at them for days on end that I won't get sick of them. If I do, I scrap the idea from the store. 

What motivates you visually doesn't have to be the products you make or even related to it. I love pretty home decor and magazine photos. I'm drawn to the color and set up of the photograph just as much as the item itself.

Even my day planner makes me excited to work! If you are looking for a fun and witty planner to keep you constantly motivated, you can't go wrong with one from Kate Spade.

For me, everything in my office needs to be as witty as sassy as I am! It makes me feel more at home and like I've really created an environment that makes me work harder! This adorable "Bad-Ass Bitch" candle makes me laugh every time, plus it smells awesome!

My need for a motivational surrounding doesn't end with my desk. As an entrepreneur who works from home, my work often takes over several areas of my apartment. Because of this, I created an inspirational corner wall in my living room as well. That way, if I've managed to plop down on the couch while drinking my morning cup of coffee, I will see my wall and get my butt back up and working again! 

The below print is my favorite in the house because it's so insanely true. While I do this for a living, I am truly in love with making beautiful things. It's really what gets me up in the morning. This little reminder helps me push myself and remember that it's not always about the money and the business, but it's also about the craft and the journey. Get the print here. I can't find the original link to it, but it's from Felicity Jane.

The most important thing to draw from this post is that it is important to create an environment that motivates you to want to get up and work! You've gotta build that empire and be a #girlboss, and it's a lot easier to do when you surroundings motivate you to be creative and hardworking! Find what will inspire you the most and fill your workspace up with it! For me, it's pastels and witty sayings! Just find what is best for you :)

For more decor ideas beyond my office space, check out my office decor Pinterest Board.

Check out my Etsy Store, The Trendy Sparrow, for wedding paper goods and chic art prints & mugs.

Thanks for reading, dolls! Come back for more!


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    1. Aww you are just the sweetest! :) I hope you have a fabulous day!

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