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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Sine Qua Non Salon's Desperate Measures Campaign

Recently, I had the amazing opportunity to be part of Sine Qua Non's "Desperate Measures" campaign. Sine Qua Non consists of an amazing group of salons here in Chicago with four locations (each with it's own unique style).

For the campaign, myself and three other fabulous bloggers embarked on a journey to up our looks with a hair styling and makeup session from Sine Qua Non. Doesn't it look great?? For me, they chose to go for a "retro style", and I have to say...I LOVE THE WAY IT LOOKS! I'm in love with a good makeover...maybe it's the 90s kid in me who grew up on movies like She's All That where a simple makeover (they just removed her glasses...duh) suddenly makes an outsider super hot!

The best part of the campaign is that it's not just limited to us 4 bloggers.... YOU can win a FREE makeover from Sine Qua Non! Keep on reading to find out more about our photo shoot,
and how to win a free makeover.

Woah... now that's some before and after! 

The Ladies of the Desperate Measures Campaign:

I was honored to be able to share this journey with three other amazing Chicagoland bloggers: Belle of Belle Meets World, Julianne Lopez of Jules a la Mode, and Dani McGowan of Mermaid Waves. Each of us received a different makeover/look based on our own personal 
styles and the vibes of our blog. 

So what is the Desperate Measures Campaign? 

The Desperate Measures Campaign is designed to give a makeover to a girl who is in desperate need of one! Whether you are looking to change your look completely, or play on the style you already rock, Sine Qua Non can help elevate your look to the next level! 
Plus...who doesn't love a good pampering??
And most do you win a FREE Makeover?

Take some pictures that show how DESPERATE you are for some pampering and some hair love!! I mean you are getting a free hair cut and color! Then enter your personal information and amazing photos here, and share your pics on social media to get votes! Each social media share counts as a vote. You can share the photos on any form of social media. The important thing is to get others to share the entry! So get your friends and family to share, retweet, and regram like crazy!!

The winner will receive a full-on FREE hair cut and color makeover, complements of Sine Qua Non!

Being a #GIRLBOSS:

I chose my particular outfit and style because my look gives me the confidence to go out and be a #GIRLBOSS and build my empire! It's crazy the difference a fabulous new do can have on your confidence and personality! For example...I'm not a natural redhead. Most people are shocked to find this out! I'm actually a hair is so dark it's almost black. Crazy, right? About two years ago, I decided to dye it red on a whim and I don't think I'm ever going back! My hair makes me feel sassy and confident! It's become "my thing". People often recognize me at events from my hair. It gives me that extra boost and confidence to build my empire in style
That's what Sine Qua Non's desperate measures campaign can do for you! 

Purchase your own "Building My Empire" tee here.

Behind the Scenes:

Oh my gosh! Getting ready for this photo shoot was so much fun! All of the ladies over at Sine Qua Non were super friendly and helpful. We all really enjoyed hearing more about the desperate measures campaign (with coffee, of course). 

Woah... papered much? I kept apologizing for all of the hair I have (it's a lot....), and the ladies at Sine Qua Non were so sweet! "Girl, we love all this hair! You have so much to play with!" Rolling my hair into pins took...well....a while. Luckily I had some mimosas to keep me occupied! 

Getting my makeup done was also I real treat! I explained that I'm not exactly makeup savvy, and she helped walk me through everything that she was doing and why. When I told her that I personally only use products that are cruelty-free, she was incredibly accommodating and switched to brands that she knew would fit the bill.! I had so much fun posing! The photographer, Scott, was really wonderful to work with!

And that's a wrap! They did such a wonderful job with my makeover. Between the bright red lip and slicked back soft curls, I felt like I was channeling my inner Joan Holloway-Harris. I've always loved her look from Mad Men, so I was giddy to see that I received a similar style!


As if the campaign wasn't enough...I'll be hosting a really awesome event with these three ladies on Tuesday, June 16th, at the Lakeview Sine Qua Non location to help launch something uber special for the summer! Eeeek! Stay tuned for more details!

Fingers crossed!! I hope one of you fabulous ladies win the FREE makeover!

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Thanks for reading, dolls! Come back for more!

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