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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Currently Crushing: Decor for my Future Big Office

It's hard to believe that it has almost been a year since I moved into my apartment. I immediately fell in love with this place and signed a lease only minutes after seeing it. When you know, you know. I had just completed graduate school, and was embarking out on this great journey of running my store and blog full time (after completing several years of school for psychology...oops...) When I signed my lease, I loved that my apartment was huge and spacious! It had so much room for me to run my business...but that was last June when the only products in my store were art prints. 

The Trendy Sparrow has rapidly grown since making the decision to run this company full time; adding mugs, travel mugs, shirts, and more since I moved in. The company is ever growing, which is so exciting!! However, I've completely outgrown my sweet apartment. What once seemed so spacious is now bursting at the seams. So now it's time to say goodbye to this place, and start a new adventure somewhere bigger! (And maybe I will out grow it, too!) I'm really excited to announce in August, I will be moving into my own office space. I'm not entirely sure yet whether that means I will have a separate studio I go to for work or if that means I will have a couple extra bedrooms in my home for work (one as an office and one as a warehouse). I plan on looking into both options. Either way, that means I get to start planning out decorating my big girl office space!! Exciting, right??

I want the new place to really reflect my personality, and be a place that I can bring guests over. I will have a couple of interns soon, so I want it to be a place that everyone will find enjoyable! Here are some of the items I am really craving for the new space...
Where to snag these goodies:

1. Nespresso Machine - It's kind of ridiculous that I don't have one already considering I make coffee mugs for a living! Whaaaat?! I would love to have a fancy espresso machine to give myself the extra caffeine kick I often need in the morning.
2. Clothing Rack (with cute gold hangers) - Ever since I added shirts to the store (oh...and more designs will be coming soon!) I've had my eye on this clothing rack! I think it will be perfect for displaying the shirts, and having them easily ready for photo shoots and to show to clients.
3. SMEG mini fridge - I want to splurge a little with this SMEG mini fridge. I can fill it with beverages for myself, my interns, and guests. It's a great way to help keep work separate from home if I end up with an office space inside of my home.
4. Unicorn Head - Because it's adorable....duh!
5. Cozy Bean Bag Chair & Pouf - Since I am going to have interns and guests coming over, I want to have some cozy, yet stylish seating options. I like that both of these options provide seating without taking too much of the room. Interns can use them to relax in during breaks, and guests can lounge on them while we chat!
6. Storage Cubes - I want to be able to store a lot of my items in a way that allows me to either hide them or display them. I like these cube shelves because I can showcase items I really love in some of the cubes, while tucking away others into boxes inside of the cubes. I will probably have a wall of cube shelves. It's so chic.

For more decor ideas beyond my office space, check out my office decor Pinterest Board.

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