The Trendy Sparrow: Man Swag Monday (01) - Do men care about fashion?

Monday, March 16, 2015

Man Swag Monday (01) - Do men care about fashion?

In occurs to me that there is blog after blog and so many magazines dedicated to women's fashion. It makes sense; women tend to care more about fashion than men do on average. However, we've seen a huge change in mentality as online shopping has become easier and more care about what they wear! (Well...some men)

In their book, By Invitation Only, the founders of Gilt found that men, especially young professionals, are some of their largest customers and are eager to purchase the latest trends in menswear. According to the Gilt ladies, the reason we think men aren't interested is because they tend to not like to go shopping in actual stores. It's not a social ritual or "fun gal pal time" like it is for us ladies. Again...not for all men. I happen to know a lot of straight men who really enjoy going shopping (including the handsome man below). 

However, with online shopping becoming more and more common, men are able to shop from the comfort of their laptops quickly and efficiently. Even mailable "style boxes" for men (Such as FiveFourClothing) are becoming more and more popular. This is when the company picks out garments to send to the guy each month based on their style.

In honor of this idea that men do care about fashion; yet are limited by sources of inspiration (such as magazines, blogs, etc. & they refuse to get on Pinterest), I've decided to start a new series called "Man Swag Monday". In these posts I will share fashion inspiration from some of my male friends who are fashion savvy. 

So the question really becomes...Do men really care about fashion? What do you think? Does your man? Or if you're a male you? Why?

Where to Buy these Items:
Coat: Banana Republic // Chambray Top: H&M // Cardigan: H&M
Tie: The Tie Bar // Pants: American Eagle // Shoes: DSW

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