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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Free Download: What Would Spencer Hastings Do?

Oh em gee, you guys! I am so excited for Pretty Little Liars tonight! We finally get to know who the mysterious and basically pure evil "-A" is on tonight's episode! I'm not afraid to admit it...I'm a huge PLL fan! I never miss an episode and I'm pretty much in love. Let's just say that it's helped to fill the huge hole that Gossip Girl left in my heart when it went off the air (although I still watch lots of GG on my Netflix). 

Just as I had (and continue to have) an undying love for Blair Waldorf in Gossip Girl, my favorite character on Pretty Little Liars is Spencer Hastings.

Spencer is by far the best character on the show (in this girl's opinion)! I love her preppy sense of style with lots of varsity sweaters, oxford loafers, and knee high socks! We have very similar personalities, as Spencer is always the overachiever, feeling like her grades and everything she does is never quite good enough. She reminds me a lot of me in high school; participating in all the clubs, maintaining excellent grades...and stressing herself out more than one ever needs to (especially at that age.) BUT! All of those brains and determination have pretty much kept all of the girls alive throughout the series as they've battled against the unknown, ever watchful "-A". 

Spencer is constantly solving clues and helping the girls get one step closer to figuring out who "-A" is, all while being incredibly brave! I know I would have curled up into a ball by now after everything those girls have been through on the show... I'm counting 9 people that "-A" has killed already... yeesh! All I know is that if I was ever suddenly being stalked by an unknown total creeper named "-A" I would certainly ask myself "What Would Spencer Hastings Do?".

In honor of tonight's big "-A" reveal, I'm offering the below art print as a FREE digital download for all of you PPL fans out there! Enjoy! 
To download the print, just right click and save!

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