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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Bloggers Gonna Blog...from anywhere!

Blogging has changed dramatically since it's original inception. Part of the appeal of blogging is that anyone can do it, but the negative stereotype of a blogger used to be a creepy middle aged man blogging from his mother's basement. That certainly isn't the case today! With so many fashion, style, and beauty blogs out there today, being a blogger is actually seen as a chic profession or side job! 

And forget your mother's basement (unless that's your thing), but one of the main advantages of blogging today is that you can blog from anywhere! 

Good thing my Bloggers Gonna Blog graphic tee is so insanely comfortable that I can wear it anywhere and feel relaxed and happy!

While a large part of what I do when I blog takes place on my laptop, so many apps and social media play a large role in blogging. Since blogging has become a potential career option for some, maintaining and marketing your brand have become incredibly important. The best way to do that? 

Social media!

This is where blogging from anywhere becomes huge! The modern blogger is able to quickly whip out their smart phone when inspiration strikes and share it with their readers via instagram. Through this quick "mini post" if you will, a blogger ends up blogging from anywhere and drawing in even more potential readers to their site.

Whether you're relaxing on your bed, working hard in an actual office, or setting up shop at your local coffee shop; blogging and inspiration happens in all sorts of locations! 

Where is your favorite place to blog from?

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