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Saturday, February 28, 2015

We are all Stories in the End

I recently got this ridiculously comfortable shirt from one of my favorite fellow Etsy sellers, Jordandene. It says "We're all stories in the end"; one of my favorite quotes from Doctor Who.
 (Yes, why I am in fact a giant nerd. Don't judge.)

Not only is this shirt incredibly comfortable, but it really got me thinking about the fact that we are all writing our stories through the lives we lead. By writing this blog, by running my store, through the interactions I have with the people I love...I am writing the story of my life. Eventually, I am going to be something that people talk about (hopefully a lot of people saying very nice things), but the truth is that everything we do on this earth is eventually just going to be a story for someone to tell. While having a cozy (but productive) morning, it got me thinking about the kind of story I want to write.

I really like to read, and I try to read at least once a day.  If I'm having a cozy Saturday or Sunday, I like to try to read a little in the morning with my coffee. I try to read something about a boss lady and/or a fabulous entrepreneur every chance I get. By reading these ladies' stories, I hope that I will gain information and find inspiration that will help me in my life's journey.  I like knowing that someone else's story can have an impact on mine. It makes me feel like my story can have an impact on someone else. 

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**Fun fact: One of my top 5 goals to accomplish is to eventually write a book about my company, my blog, and my life. Think #GIRLBOSS, with even more sass**

I love that this shirt works for being cozy laying in bed and for having a relaxing day of productivity. I realize that sounds like an oxymoron, but that's the life of an entrepreneur. I just switched my pjs for jeans and added some bling to move the shirt from bedtime to daytime. 

I wanted to spend the rest of my morning working on my story...So, I wrote some blog posts, worked on my store, and planned out my upcoming week. The wonderful thing about being an entrepreneur (especially one that makes things) is that the items I sell get to become part of my story and someone else's. I like knowing that when someone asks one of my customers about one of my mugs in the future, they may have a great story behind it (i.e. how they got it, who from). I love working on my store and I really love my job. I work hard and I get to be happy doing it. I want my story to be able to someday read that I was a hard worker, I was passionate about what I do, I got to be happy everyday, and if I'm really lucky...maybe it will read that I got to inspire others to do the same. 

The reality is, eventually we will all be stories. That's just one more reason to make it a good one! If you live your life to the fullest now, treat others with love and care, and write yourself a really good story you will get to continue to live and inspire others far beyond your time here. Isn't that part of why the great writers write novels? To be able to live forever? I just want to know that what I am doing now and in my life will have an influence on the stories of future entrepreneurs, friends, and family. 

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