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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Real Weddings: Fun Kate Spade inspired wedding

This week we are featuring Caroline and Zach's fun, Kate Spade inspired wedding! The whimsical pastel colors used throughout the decor and apparel are so much fun! My favorite part? You can see how insanely fun it must have been to be at this wedding. The whole day truly looks like a celebration. Plus between bow ties and bow bangles...who wouldn't love this wedding?!

Check out some of the photos below and click "read more" to see the interview with the bride to read all about their big day!

Click "read more" to see the interview to read all about their big day!

Interview with the Bride
Caroline Cox and Zach Townsend
Wedding Date: 10. 04. 14

1. Describe the vibe and personality of your wedding. What kind of wedding was it? Vintage? Chic? Glam? Silly?
Zach and I were engaged for a long time (2 years!)  due to our long-distance circumstances before the wedding, so I had a TON of time to think about exactly what kind of "vibe" I wanted for my wedding.  As I trekked through Pinterest and wedding blogs, I found that there are so many wonderful adjectives out there to describe weddings: chic! vintage! eclectic! modern! intimate! formal! rustic! bohemian! And all of these lovely little words have the most beautiful pictures and examples attached to them. I would see a rustic, country outdoor affair and think "That! Yes that!" And then I would see a classic Grace Kelly dress with a cathedral-length train and say "I must have it!" The problem is that those two things are vastly different. We're talking opposite ends of the wedding spectrum. You cannot have "DIY rustic" AND "chic formal." You have to choose.

Being the terribly indecisive person that I am, I think I tried to go in every direction at least once, until my mom gave me some very good advice. She suggested that instead of trying to plan around a "look" for the wedding, I should try to plan around a "feeling." How do I want my guests to feel at the wedding? And how did I want to feel at my wedding?  Emotional and romantic? Or like partying til the sun comes up?

I decided that above all, I wanted my wedding to be relaxed, fun, and full of love. Also, that everyone should have a full drink at all times. I went from there.

2. What was your favorite part about the big day?
Seeing all the people I loved in one place. And getting to walk down the most gorgeous aisle to this guy that I've loved since I was 16. 

3. Share a little bit about the planning process. Did you get a planner or do it on your own? Any planning tips you want to share?
The planning process was a lot of fun, and I did hire a wedding coordinator. Pre-wedding, she was there to give me references and suggestions, and help tackle any big problems I came across. Other than that, I did most of the planning myself. But on the day-of, she ran the show. I consider myself a pretty thrifty and practical person, but I will not hesitate to say that Sherri (my coordinator) was the best money I spent on the wedding. Period, end of story. I used to think that wedding  coordinators were for the rich and privileged bride-zillas, but believe me, they are SO helpful. Who handles the inevitable last-minute crises? When the florist doesn't show? When the cake hits the floor on its way into the venue? When your groom loses his tux jacket at the reception and it's supposed to be returned the next day?

You have 3 options: 1) Deal with those crises yourself and add to heap of stress built up inside of your stomach. 2) Make a family member/friend deal with it, and have them be stressed and not enjoy the wedding. or 3) Pay someone who is there to professionally handle it for you.

The way I see it, you invest SO MUCH time, money, and energy into your wedding, presumably so that you and your family can have an amazing day! Why do all of that work if you won't even be able to enjoy the day-of? Yes, it will cost money, but knowing from the beginning that it was a priority, I planned my budget accordingly.

4. Talk a little bit about the dress. Who is it by? Is it vintage? Where did you get it?
I loved my dress! I initially was very indecisive about which direction to go: boho chic or classic? I found one that was very minimalist that I loved, but eventually decided that it just wouldn't match the big church venue. Then I went to a bridal boutique with my mom in Lewisville, TX, and when I tried on "the one", we both loved it. It's a Justin Alexander.  The neckline felt very Audrey Hepburn to me. 

5. Tell us a little bit about the groom. What’s he like? How did you meet? How did he propose?
Zach and I started dating when we were juniors in high school. He is basically the sweetest guy on the planet, and I'm not sure why he puts up with my craziness. (As I tell him now, "Too bad--you already married me.") He proposed to me in December of 2012, in front of a huge Christmas tree. It was magical.

6. Did you do any DIYs for the wedding? If so, what?
I am unfortunately not too crafty, but I did a few DIY things for the wedding. My mom printed these programs and then I hand-stamped gold and blue polka dots on all of them. Another cute idea my mom had was to collect pictures of us with our friends and family from over the years and use the photos as part of the centerpieces. We had a seating chart, so at each table the guest could find pictures of themselves with the bride and groom. It ended up being really cute, really personal,  and a good conversation starter. I also enjoy baking, and so as favors, I made homemade butter mints for my guests (cheap and easy, yet surprisingly impressive!). 

7. What advice can you share with brides who are getting ready for the big day?

My advice? Stay true to yourself and don't try to suddenly become a version of yourself that you'd like to be (or like to see in a bridal magazine). If you have a big, crazy Catholic family--embrace that. Your wedding is as much about your family and friends as it is about you--because they made you who you are! I got married in a huge, gorgeous cathedral and then had a margarita-filled reception at a Mexican food joint. It was awesome.

8. Describe your wedding in 3 words.
Ah! Here come those tricky adjectives again. Can "Kate Spade" be one of my words?? Because I was desperately HOPING to channel her into my wedding. I don't think I pulled it off.  If I had to choose, I would say fun, relaxed and personal. 

9. Any additional information you wish to share?

 I feel like in a short amount of time, I gained a ton of expertise in an area of knowledge I will probably never use again. I suppose every bride feels like she could be a wedding planner after she's done with her own wedding. I have a ton of unsolicited advice that I'm dying to share--but I won't hijack this blog post any longer. :) 

Vendor Information:
Photographer: David Williams
 Venue: St. Patrick Cathedral (Fort Worth TX)/ Joe T. Garcia's Restaurant
Dress // Justin Alexander // Florist: Audra Ellerbusch

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