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Monday, January 26, 2015

Navy & Red + Plaid & Stripes

The weather became uber cold in Chicago today, so my apologies about this plain white background. I feel like I'm a mannequin posing for boring stock photos, haha! I've been really into pattern play lately, and I wanted to go really bold with it! I decided to mix plaid and the same color scheme! By picking prints with reverse colors (navy with red/red with navy), I was able to pull off this graphic outfit. I also decided to add the grey and navy blazer to the outfit to try and cut the boldness of the patterns. However, I rolled up the cuffs to reveal...yes...another pattern!
Why the heck not?

What are your thoughts on pattern play? 

As much as I love the blazer, I wanted to also show how this patten play can work on it's own without the need of the blazer to sort of "break up" the boldness of the prints/colors. Whenever trying to rock something bold like these two prints together, it's super important to wear the look with confidence. As the old saying goes...make sure you wear the outfit, don't let the outfit wear you.

Where to Buy these Items:
Top: Target // Scarf: Target (similar here) // Blazer: Gap (similar here)

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