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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Real Weddings: Gorgeous Outdoorsy & Rustic Wedding

This week we are featuring Caitlin and Dale's rustic and outdoorsy wedding in Canada. I can't get over how stunningly beautiful these photos look. The elegant surroundings of the provincial park make for the perfect natural backdrop for the wedding. They even had to "hold down the fort" so to speak by arriving at 7am to the park to make sure nobody else took it so they could get married at 2pm since nature doesn't take bookings. Now that's dedication! (and love!)

Check out some of the photos below and click "read more" to see the interview with the bride to read all about their big day!

For their guest book, the couple went with our fall colored owl madlibs

Click "read more" to see the interview to read all about their big day!

Interview with the Bride
Caitlin & Dale Morton
Wedding Date: 08. 23. 14

1. Describe the vibe and personality of your wedding. What kind of wedding was it? Vintage? Chic? Glam? Silly?

Our vibe was very nature-esque. We both live for the outdoors so we had an outdoor ceremony with a simple indoor reception. I wanted everything simple and not extravagant in any way. Our ceremony was quick and filled with laughter. We followed the trend and had burlap and mason jars everywhere, but everything was laid back and non formal.

2. What was your favorite part about the big day?

Our favorite part was how seamlessly everything comes together. Obviously getting married was my favorite part, but seeing everyone come together was overwhelming. My male cousin and male neighbor went to the site to set up at 7AM (we got married in a provincial park so our location wasn’t guaranteed if someone else got there first) they stayed there – drinking beer of course – until the reception started (2PM) watching the set up to make sure nothing was tampered with. My neighbours took the site down while we did pictures – nothing could be left as it was a provincial park – they brought in the chairs, helped put all the decorations down and pack them all in for us. It was taken down within 1 hour. It was just crazy how everyone worked together and we didn’t haven’t to worry one bit.

3. Share a little bit about the planning process. Did you get a planner or do it on your own? Any planning tips you want to share?

The planning process was a little difficult. My husband and I live in Calgary Alberta, our wedding was in Harrison Hot Springs BC ( about 10 hours away) and his family was from Ontario. I was lucky enough that my parents were so involved. My parents went around driving to places on facetime and I would say yay and nay. My mom met with all the venue places, caterers and did all the linen rentals. She also picked up and did EVERY decoration. My mom was my wedding planner and I couldn’t have been more thankful for that. Without her I would have had to hire someone. When I flew home I would try to do as much as I could. I picked the photographer, DJ, flowers, cake & dress. That was my only responsibility.

4. Talk a little bit about the dress. Who is it by? Is it vintage? Where did you get it?

My dress was by Monique Lhuillier. It was simple, elegant and timeless. I wanted something I wouldn’t be hot in (end of august is prime time for 35 degree weather in Harrison). I am not an overly girly person and wanted something to match my personality. I didn’t want my bridesmaids to have to help me go to the bathroom or help me into and out of the dress. I actually bought it used off A lady in California wore it for her wedding and it was actually 1/5 the price. I had tried the dress on in a store and knew what size I was approximately so we waited for that dress to pop up on the website. After two weeks one finally popped up that was a size 8 (I was a size 6) so we ordered it and altered it and it looked perfect. It matched our wedding theme of simple and outdoorsy. One layer of lace and a silk underlay. Very cool and very light and it actually had a stretch in it!

5. Tell us a little bit about the groom. What’s he like? How did you meet? How did he propose?

My husband has the biggest personality you can think of. He is hilarious and you can recognize is voice and laugh in any room. He is super thoughtful and his goal in life is to make me happy. Which he does successfully. We are the exact same person. We met at the Calgary Stampede of all places, he pretended to be a friend of a friend of my girlfriend. We all thought he was buddy’s with this guy until about a week later when the truth came out that he had just tagged along and they all played along with it. We both are outdoorsy so he took me out to Kananaskis Alberta (Rocky Mountains) and we did a hike up Heart Mountain. He proposed there. I knew he was hiding something during the week prior and he had this whole extravagant thing planned where him and his friend were going to hike it the day before and set up a picnic, etc. But because I kept asking him what his little secrets were he had to do it the weekend before. It was still perfect though : )

6. Did you do any DIYs for the wedding? If so, what?

Mostly everything was DIY. We made all the mason jars for the centre pieces. My little brother’s girlfriend’s dad cut up our cedar centre pieces and alter aisle decorations. My dad built the alter. The only thing that wasn’t a DIY was little things like the bouquets, flower arrangements and table runners.

7. What advice can you share with brides who are getting ready for the big day?

Relax. Keep everything simple. It doesn’t matter what happens and what could go wrong. Everyone will complement you anyways. All that matters is that these people are helping you celebrate your big day. And you get to marry the man of your dreams. I didn’t see my bridesmaid dresses until the day before the wedding (all my girls lived in different cities so I just told them to pick something in the colour formation of a peacock feather). It’s just a day, the little details don’t matter.

8. Describe your wedding in 3 words.

Simple, fun, perfect

9. Any additional information you wish to share?

Show who you are. We are extremely outgoing people. We had Forgot about Dre play ( the quartet version) as our walk away song for our ceremony. All the older people had no idea, but our friends knew exactly that we were playing Dr Dre at our wedding.
Have fun – our knife broke cutting into the cake because the fondant was so thick. We laughed it off. Things happen and no one will remember that stuff. Enjoy your day. You shouldn’t be stressed at all. 

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