The Trendy Sparrow: Outfit of the Day: Hard + Soft

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Outfit of the Day: Hard + Soft

This outfit is somewhat inspired by one of my favorite blogs, The Everygirl. This blog does little instagram challenges each month, and November's challenge is all about reaching into the back of your closet and pulling out brand new/creative outfits out of items you already own instead of buying something new. The idea is to refuse to purchase anything new (for yourself) during the month of November.

I thought..."Woah...I'm not sure a shopping addict like me could even do challenge accepted!" (Thanks Barney for your witty catch phrase!) I knew trying to not to buy new clothes for a whole month would be really really difficult, which is exactly why I wanted to do it! It's great to challenge ourselves sometimes! Plus this challenge saves money, gets tags off those unworn items, and boosts some creativity! Who could say no to that?

So...this outfit is based entirely around the skirt. I love this skirt! I bought it in 2009 at a little boutique in Lubbock, TX called Chrome back when I was attending Texas Tech. (Wreck em!) I used to only ever wear this skirt with a black top and heels. Kinda boring right? It's such a beautiful skirt, and I really wanted to show it off. I decided to do a take on hard + soft by combining leather, skirts, pearls, and pink. I'm actually quite proud of the fact that I put something brand new together from a skirt a bought in 2009!

Now I challenge you!! Go look in the back of your closet...see something you haven't worn in years? Maybe something with the tags still on it? Wear it. Start with it and build and outfit around it. It's so satisfying and makes you a little more confident that the next time you step up to your closet, you won't immediately say "Waaah, I have nothing to wear!" (** This is me daily **)

Where to Buy these Items:

Pink Sweater: Target // Jacket: Express
Skirt: Dear Creatures (forever ago from a little boutique in Texas called Chrome)
Boots: Target (forever ago); Similar here. // Necklace: J.Crew

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