The Trendy Sparrow: Holiday Gift Guide Part 5: for the Creative

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Holiday Gift Guide Part 5: for the Creative

As a blogger and Etsy store owner, it only seems right that I provide a holiday gift guide catered to my kind of girl: the creative. This gift guide is to help you find the right gift for the bloggers, the crafters, the etsy sellers, the work-from-home(ers), and other creatives in your life. These gifts are to help inspire them, organize them, and help them do it all while looking way chic!

Where to find these gifts for creatives:

1. Make.Craft.Create. Pillow - This pillow is the perfect accessory for a craft room or home office. It's a nice little way to help keep yourself motivated and inspired. You can also purchase this design as an art print as well. 

2. Kate Spade Acrylic Tray - Help keep your creative friend's office papers decluttered and organized with this chic gold tray from Kate Spade. It's the perfect little desk accessory. The best part is that is it chic and stylish while also remaining functional. 

3. Kate Spade Office Kit - This chic office set is the perfect gift for a recent graduate or to congratulate a new job. Includes an assortment of stylish paper clips, sticky note pad, washi tape, gold metal pencil sharpener, pencils, eraser, binder clips and push pins. It's a great gift for a blogger to help keep her office stylish and functional!

4. Do-or-Die Notepad - Whether you are a blogger, crafter, business owner, etc. you need to be able to jot down notes and ideas. The notepad from Rifle Paper Co. is a chic and witty way for your creative friend to keep track of ideas, quick thoughts, and necessary lists. 

5. Agenda - To me an agenda is sort of a "duh" gift for any creative type. Regardless of what they do (blogging, etsy, etc.) everyone has to keep track of their day-to-day business through a planner/agenda. This witty "I AM VERY BUSY!" agenda is just as witty and adorable on the inside as it is on the outside and has lots of creative ways to help your friend stay on top of their work. 

6. Travel Tumbler - A lot of creatives work from home (or at least start out that way), and a lot of the time this involves setting their own schedule which can be very difficult. A lot of people think that if you have a "creative" job or if you work from home, then your life must be really easy. That's why I love this tumbler so much. It says "Success is not for the lazy." Just because you work from home or have a "creative" job, doesn't mean you aren't working hard. This tumbler is a wonderful gift for a blogger or other creative to remind them to push hard and not be lazy to get what they want. 

7. Craft, inc. - The growing legions of crafters looking to turn their hobby into a profession can rely on the tried and true advice in Craft, Inc. Entrepreneur Meg Mateo Ilasco offers expanded and authoritative guidance on everything from developing products and sourcing materials to writing a business plan and paying taxes. With all-new sections on opening an online shop, using social media strategically, and more along with updated interviews from such craft luminaries as Jonathan Adler and Jill Bliss this comprehensive primer features the most current information on starting and running a successful creative business.

8. InstaCraft - Instacraft is a super-cute paperback book filled with surprisingly easy tips and tricks to create clever crafts from just minutes of your time, a few simple items and your own creativity. This is a great gift for someone to help boost their creativity and help them explore new crafts that are maybe different from the ones they normally work on - allowing them to learn a new skill while having fun.
9. Nesting Boxes - These three nesting boxes are the perfect way to declutter and organize while keeping an office stylish.

Thanks for reading, dolls! Come back for more!

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