The Trendy Sparrow: Holiday Gift Guide Part 1: For Him

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Holiday Gift Guide Part 1: For Him

Buying Christmas gifts for guys is the worst. I always find all the guys in my life the absolute hardest to shop for. I wanted to help make shopping for that guy in your life a little easier by providing you a gift guide for him! This is the first part of a series of gift guides to help you prepare for the holiday season. Since shopping for guys is always the hardest, I thought I would start with it first!

Where to find gifts for him:

1. Funky Socks - I love crazy socks, and I've noticed that men are really starting to love them too. Ever since RG3 (football, ladies) decided that crazy patterned socks were his thing so many stores have started carrying a variety of funky sock patterns. There is something about the rebellious nature of adding funky socks underneath business wear that guys love. I personally love these red and navy socks from J.Crew.

2. Guitar Pick Punch - If your guy is musically inclined, I suggest getting this guitar pick punch from Urban Outfitters. It allows him to create his own unique guitar picks. 

3. Paddle Your Own Canoe - It's no secret that Nick Offerman (and his Parks and Rec character, Ron Swanson) are the definition of a "man's man". This witty book is perfect for guy who secretly wishes he had a wood shop where he can build is own furniture and work with his hands. This is for the man who only drinks dark alcohols like whiskey and bourbon. 

4. Guitar Cutting Board - This is the perfect gift for the guy who loves to cook. It allows him to make you dinner while still having some wit.

5. The Craft Beer Cookbook - Woah... Talk about an amazing gift! It combines two things that men love: beer and meat. This cookbook provides 100 recipes for how to cook with beer, including the type of beer that should be used.

6. Whiskey Tasting Kits - When it comes to tasting, most people think of wine tasting. However, why not try out this whiskey tasting kit? Whiskey has become the new "it" alcohol, especially among guys. This kit allows you to go through different types of whiskey and figure out which ones you like best, but in a classy (non frat-rager) way. 

7. Manly Travel Bag - I love luggage. I know that's a strange thing to like, but I love luggage. When you like to travel as much as I do, then the right luggage is key. This duffle bag is manly, but not overly expensive. It would be a great gift for the guy who likes to travel.

8. Monogramed Dopp Kit - Speaking of traveling, the guy who travels often needs a great dopp kit. I never even thought about these things or knew what they were before my guy friends pointed them out to me. It always made sense that when girls travel, we have a make up bag and a separate bag to carry all of our toiletries. A dopp kit is just that for guys - a toiletries bag! Genius! This etsy store has lots of handmade options that come in a variety of manly patterns. And they can even be personalized! 

9. Leather Watch Case - Does your guy like watches? Does he have so many watches, but no place to put them? Try a watch case! This amazing one from fossil holds 10 watches and includes a drawer. The top of the case is see-through so that watches can be easily displayed. Fossil also carries multiple different types of watch cases that carry other amounts of watches besides 10 in a variety of colors. 

Thanks for reading, dolls! Come back for more!

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