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Friday, November 21, 2014

Freebie: Thanksgiving "I am thankful for..." cards

I cannot believe that Thanksgiving is less than a week away! I'm so excited to gather around the table with my friends (we do a potluck Friendsgiving since we all live so far away from home) to eat, drink, and just enjoy the company of each other. I'm so incredibly thankful that I have the opportunity to do this, that I have food to eat, and wonderful people in my life to celebrate with. Not everyone is so lucky, and it's so important to take a step back and remember what we have in our lives to be thankful for (beyond just on Thanksgiving).

I'm really into documenting things, scrapbooking, and seeing how things change and stay the same. I wanted to create these "I am thankful for..." cards for all of my friends to fill out either before or after we eat (probably before since the food is never ready on time - thanks Matt). I wanted to give the guests something to do, but also something they could look back on later. I'm sort of the resident scrapbooker of our group, so I ended up taking pictures at events and scrapbooking them instead of people adding them to their own books (I don't think they even have any...). Then people end up coming over to my place during soirĂ©es and looking through them while we have cocktails.

I plan on having guests fill out the cards, add their names/year, and then putting them in a scrapbook next to a photo of the person who filled it out.

Materials you will need:
- Card stock/paper
- Paper trimmer / scissors
- Markers, Pens, Pencils etc.

How to make them:
Normally, I like to include a step-by-step instruction on how to make my printables, but these are so easy to create that you really don't need steps. All you need to do is print out the PDF of the cards, cut them out (they are 5" x 7"), and write everything you are thankful for on them! I plan on scrapbooking all of mine afterward! 

It's a good idea to have the guests write their names and the year on the cards. That way if you scrapbook them or even decide to make these cards a tradition you can pinpoint the year and see how what you are thankful for changes over time. 

As you can see, I'm really thankful for my friends, my dog, and all of the wonderful opportunities I've had this year with my Etsy business and my blog. What are you thankful for?
You can download at PDF version of my place cards for free here.

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