The Trendy Sparrow: Gilt City Chicago - "Raid the Warehouse Sale"

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Gilt City Chicago - "Raid the Warehouse Sale"

This year I got asked to go to the Gilt City (Chicago) "Raid the Warehouse Sale" as part of their media session. The sale was located in a massive warehouse in West Chicago. I was pretty excited about my "VIP" invitation that promised FREE (yes, free) cocktails, treats, live music, and low low prices on designer goods. I mean, who turns down an invitation like that? 

I took my friend, Katie, and we were dressed to the nines for luxurious (booze filled) warehouse shopping. While it turned out to not be quite the experience I thought it would be (less cocktail hour, more "oh crap grab everything before she does!"), it was still a super fun event to go to for a lady date. 

If you are able to afford very high-end designers (Oscar de la Renta, Valentino, Jimmy Choo) then this place is absolutely for you! I saw a beautiful Oscar de la Renta dress that just screamed "me" for $800. Yes, I know that is waaaay expensive (hence why I didn't purchase it), but it was marked down from $4, a freaking steal!! 

I ended up getting two black dresses, one by Tahari ($35 marked down from $185) and the other by Ella Moss ($65 marked down from $285). I have to laugh now at how similar they are... I can't wait to share outfit of the day (or more likely night) photos of me wearing these cuties!

I was a little disappointed with their selection of nice/affordable (by this I mean not Valentino) clothing and shoes. Unless you are a size XXS or XL, you didn't have too great of a selection in terms of shopping. Maybe it will be a little more plentiful next year. But it was a super fun girl's night experience with the atmosphere (& free cocktails)!

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