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Thursday, October 23, 2014

DIY: "Make. Craft. Create." Wall Art

I've been trying to really make my home office as cute and as inspiring of a place as I can. It's not very big so I wanted to have a big impact and really speak to me. After putting up my cork board, I had this large area of empty space. How to fill it?? Ironically, I was inspired by one of my art prints I designed and sell in my Etsy store, my "Make. Craft. Create. Art." print. I wanted to recreate it, but on a much larger scale....and a canvas just seemed too easy. Why not wooden letters?? And wallah! I wanted to share with you how I made this project step-by-step so that you can do something similar if you wish! Enjoy!

Materials you need:
-Wooden Letters (I got these for $1.99 for a 2pk at Hobby Lobby AND I ended up getting them an additional 30% off during a weekly sale)
-Foam brushes
-Paint brush
-Gold metallic acrylic paint
-Scrapbook paper
-Modge Podge

Step 1: Lay out all of your letters

Step 2: I removed "A" "R" "T" from the group of letters in order to do something special for them.

Step 3: Paint the remaining letters metallic gold (2 coats)

Step 4: Bring back the other letters & trace the letters on the scrapbook paper.

Step 5: Cut out the letters from the scrapbook paper & apply a layer of ModgePodge to the wooden letters.

Step 6: Add scrapbook paper to the wooden letters (rub on the paper to remove air bubbles). Add another layer of Modge Podge to the top of the paper to seal them/waterproof them.

Step 7: Add to the wall & enjoy!! I just used those removable adhesive strips because these letters are super light!

For more ideas, check out my Pinterest Boards for DIY crafts and ideas and office/craft room ideas.

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Thanks for reading, dolls! Come back for more!

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