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Monday, September 8, 2014

Renegade Craft Fair: Chicago

This weekend I was thrilled to get to go to one of my favorite craft shows, Renegade Chicago. It only comes into town twice a year so I cancel all other plans to be able to attend! Last year I ended up purchasing a lot of cute things for my home and closet, and this year was even better! I purchase 3 adorable items from 3 fantastic sellers! As an Etsy seller myself, I feel as though it's really important to support other sellers who put so much time and love into their beautiful craft. 

Where to buy these items:

Beyond purchasing so many goodies, my other favorite thing about the show is the booths. I love seeing how creative sellers get at displaying their items! I always try to take a lot of photos of booths to serve as sources of inspiration when I do my own craft shows. I wanted to share with you some of my favorite booths from this year's show!

WhiteNest's colorful pillows and metallic art prints placed strategically next to each other created a playful and inviting booth that instantly drew customers in. Personally, I was instantly attracted to the gold foil prints that I saw reflecting in the sunlight. 

LarissaLoden's display of vintage inspired jewelry was perfectly accented against the natural tones of the wooden blocks. The displays she chose were perfect for the vibe of her jewelry. She stuck to neutral and earthy tones to really play up the vintage inspiration of the jewelry pieces.

EarthCadet's playful pillows looked so inviting stacked in different sizes and displayed on different shelves. I could just take a nap on that giant stack of pillows! Couldn't you? She also had pillows floating on the ceiling of the booth, but I couldn't get a good picture of them since her booth was always crowded with eager buyers!

I hope you were able to get lots of great ideas for craft show booths as well as see some very pretty handmade items that you might want for yourself! Go check out each of the seller's online shops. They have so much more than what is show in these photos. I'm sure you'll find yourself something you just can't live without!

For more ideas, check out my Pinterest Board of craft show ideas

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  1. Lindzi, You are absolutely the sweetest! I'm so thrilled to see you had such an awesome time. It's my favorite show and I actually didn't get a chance to walk around because we were so busy (great problem!). So thanks for sharing a glimpse into your fav artists (and including me!)!!

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