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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Real Weddings: sophisticated Texas golf course wedding

Today's post is the first of many in a new real wedding series. Since I sell wedding paper goods many of my readers (and most of my customers) are currently planning their weddings. I thought I would start sharing with you some photos from real weddings and interviews with the brides to help provide you additional inspiration for your big day. And who couldn't use some more fabulous inspiration, right?

I am beyond thrilled that our first wedding and bride is a very dear friend of mine, Erin. Her wedding was elegant and understated, full of florals and bright coral hues! I found myself smiling bigger and bigger as I went through her wedding photos because she looks absolutely giddy! And my favorite part? That dress! It is stunning, especially paired with her beautiful jeweled headpiece. Check out some of her photos below and click "read more" to see the interview to read all about their big day!

Interview with the Bride
Erin Fudge & Kent Snodgrass
Wedding Date: 5.31.14

1. Describe the vibe and personality of your wedding. What kind of wedding was it? Vintage? Chic? Glam? Silly?
I guess my wedding could be chic/glam if I had to classify it. I just really wanted it to feel super elegant. Our ceremony had lots and lots of flowers, bright spring corals, and even rose pedals on the ground. Plus, we had the wedding at a golf course. All of that combined just made it feel really elegant and special. 

2. What was your favorite part about the big day?
I was really excited about getting to hang out with all my girls who I hardly see! But really, getting to see Kent’s face right when those doors opened was priceless!! I felt like we were the only two people on the golf course!

3. Share a little bit about the planning process. Did you get a planner or do it on your own? Any planning tips you want to share?
I did everything on my own.  Surprisingly, I was super decisive on everything. I looked up a few things, and remember saying, “Oh, that’s pretty, Ooo, I’ll take that”.  Anyone who knows me well enough knows I am pretty easy going. I think the only stressful thing was getting the guest list together. It was difficult trying to plan around everyone’s schedules on top of the venue limit. I remember telling my mom I wanted to just go to the court house and have a small intimate wedding, and take all the money they were going to give me and we could use it for a house. But since Kent has a lot of family and friends, HE was the one who wanted the BIG wedding (haha!), so we met in the middle at 200 guests. But I realized I still wanted to that money for a I decided to be as frugal as possible, but still wanted it to look “over the top”.

There were 2 really things I told my mom, I didn’t want to be cheap on. I wanted the BEST videographer (which if anyone has seen my video clip, its amazing!) and TONS of flowers at the reception. Bright ones too, too pop. Those two things were probably the most expensive. If someone wants an inexpensive wedding, I would advise them to pick a place that’s not really expensive and is all inclusive (food, tables, napkins, chairs, etc.) We had ours at the Lubbbock Country Club, and they provided a planner (even though I didn’t use her), tables, chairs, everything!

 My florist was amazing! He did all my decorating like a planner would do, and I actually rented all of our décor from him as well. He had a team of people who set everything up and cleaned everything after the wedding. When it was over, I had them donate the flowers to a cancer center for people to enjoy the flowers instead of just having the flowers die. I advise people to pick a florist like mine, therefore you do not need to spend extra money on a planner or décor. The last thing you want to worry about on your day is decorating!

4. Talk a little bit about the dress. Who is it by? Is it vintage? Where did you get it?
Oo0o my dress! It was the most beautiful dress I had ever seen.  I remember having 3 dresses in mind.  The minute I had my mom come to Lubbock to see me with each dress one, I saved the best for last.  She said how much she liked each one.  Ooo Erin, let’s get that one, then she said the same thing for the next.  When I put the last one on she just smiled and said that’s it.  If anyone knows me and saw me in my dress, they would all say it was completely me and my personality.  Glitzy and shiny and full of rhinestones on the corset, then super puffy like a princess on the bottom. I loved it so much, I like to try it on every now and then haha. It was by the wonderful designer Maggie Sottero.

5. Tell us a little bit about the groom. What’s he like? How did you meet? How did he propose?
Kent Taylor Snodgrass! He’s the Godliest man I know! The Lord could not have blessed me with a better, hard-working, Christian, giving, loving, serving man. He is a true blessing from God. We met my sophomore year in college when I was dating his friend. Haha! I dated his friend for about a year, and kept coming into contact with Kent. Then one weekend we went to a friend's wedding, where Kent was a groomsman. He asked my boyfriend if he could escort me to my chair. Without me letting my boyfriend at the time answer, I answered for him and said “of course you can!”.  I remember that day as soon as he escorted me to my chair, I leaned over to my friend, who was my Matron of Honor and whispered…. “I’m going to marry Kent one day” Then two days later, I broke up with my boyfriend, and started perusing Kent. It was history after that! We have been together over 4 years.

6. Did you do any DIYs for the wedding? If so, what?
My invitations! A friend of mine who is a graphic designer helped me. I showed her my vision, and she designed the wording, the design and everything.  She took me to pick out paper and we helped each other assemble them. I’m pretty sure I got more compliments on my invites, than my wedding itself! They were beautiful. I also spray painted a few picture frames with gold glitter and silver glitter for my sign in table.

7. What advice can you share with brides who are getting ready for the big day?
Try to remember, it’s YOUR DAY! No one else's! Something is going to go wrong planning it, but in the end it will be OKAY! It goes by soooo fast, so enjoy every minute of it. It’s a fun day and something you will never forget!

8. Describe your wedding in 3 words.
Classy. Beautiful. Elegant.

 Vendor Information: 
Photographer: Courtney Hill // Videographer: Lubbock Wedding Videos // Venue: Lubbock Country Club // Dress: MaggieSottero // Florist: Lou Dees Floral

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