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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Flea Market Finds + Free Download

I love flea markets! I always find fabulous and inexpensive things that I can later revamp for my home. Since I recently moved to a larger place, I've been trying to (very slowly, I might add) to fill up my home with new furniture and knick knacks without breaking the bank! (Student loans, anyone?) 

Over Labor Day weekend, I decided to check out Chicago's Randolph Street Market for the first time. Boy, oh boy was I NOT disappointed! They had an amazing collection of items from many different sellers. Booths are both inside and outside. I was really nervous about going because it had been a long time since I went to a flea market, and I had never "haggled" on my own. I was pleasantly surprised that it wasn't hard at all! The reality is that sellers expect you to haggle, and are therefore pretty willing to do so. 

If you're at all like me, then you like to go into these types of things pretty organized. I'm always worried that I am going to forget something important so I tend to pack up things the night before, and I almost always make a list. Flea markets are no exception. This time I decided to make a fancy, cute list to share with you all! You can download your own printable list at the bottom of this page. 

I ended up purchasing 3 barstools, 2 dining chairs, 2 nightstands, and a cute little owl figurine for all under $300! WOAH! Plus, with my pretty impressive haggling skills I was able to save a little over $100 off of the original asking prices for all of these items! Here are my flea market finds! 

Lilly really wanted to get in on the picture action.

I plan on redoing all of these items to fit the style of my new apartment. I'm so excited to share with you these projects as they unfold. I'm still mulling over what I want to do with all of my flea market finds so stay turned for all of the before and after DIY projects to come!

You can click the photo above or here to download your own copy of the flea market list!

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