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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Gold Home Decor Obsession

In terms of decorating, gold has become my new favorite color. Everything I see that is gold somehow makes its way into my apartment! And if I see something I love that's not gold? I make it gold. In fact, the phrase "Oh, well...I'll just spray paint that gold" has been said so often that it has become a running joke. Now my friends ask me about anything..."sure you aren't going to just spray paint that gold? Why not spray paint the dog gold? The couch? The floor?" I'm starting to get concerned that my apartment is going to look like King Midas lives here instead of me...a whole house made of gold. 

Either obsession with gold is still very real. Perhaps sharing the obsession will help bring it into check? I sure hope so! In hopes of shaking this are some of my favorite gold home decor obsessions. Which is your favorite? Mine are the gold bar cart and sequin pillow! 
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