The Trendy Sparrow: Trip to Los Angeles + San Diego!

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Trip to Los Angeles + San Diego!

Two weeks ago I was able to take a week long vacation to LA! I was so excited to get to go and had an unbelievably amazing time! 

My friend Ricky and I wanted to be able to go to as many baseball games as we could while we were there. I am trying to go to all of the MLB fields across the US. We were able to knock 3 baseball stadiums off of the list! On the first day of the trip we got off the plane and went straight to Dodger Stadium. I got to see Clayton Kershaw pitch the first no hitter of his career! As a huge baseball fan that's about as great as a start to the trip as you can think of!  

Day 2 we traveled to San Diego for a Padres game at Petco Park. We wanted to check out some of the local cuisine while we were there. We went to a cute French cafe called Cafe Chole. Their food was incredible! I loved the adorable cameo motif, and the view from the outdoor patio was of downtown San Diego. We had a flight of rosé called "War of the Rosés". How stinking cute, right? Plus they were delicious! 

We then traveled to Petco Park to see the Padres play. It wasn't a very thrilling game, but the ballpark and view was incredible. The stadium is set up like a small village. You can even by a WHOLE PINEAPPLE in the stadium!? Weird, but adorable.

Day 3 we went to the Angels Stadium to see the Angels play the Texas Rangers! I'm from Texas so seeing the Rangers play an away game was a real treat even though they lost. 

After all that baseball we spent the last few days enjoying the sights. My favorite place we went was Santa Monica Pier. I loved all the beautiful vivid colors of the pier! The beach was so much fun! It was awesome to be at a "real" beach by an ocean rather than the ones we have in Chicago next to Lake Michigan.

I love all my new items and accessories I got for the trip including my beach/travel PLAY HOOKY tote from Kate Spade and my pink pineapple bikini from aerie.

My number one request for the trip was that I got to eat authentic churros. We went to this tiny little cafe in Santa Monica called "Churros Calientes". Our waiter was the owner of the cafe. Their churros are other worldly. This one was made with Nutella!

And of course, we made the trek out to see the Hollywood sign!

Thanks for reading, dolls! Come back for more!


  1. I love your goal of visiting all the baseball stadiums! How many have your visited now??

    1. Thanks! After this trip to California I have now been to 8 of them (Dodgers, Padres, Angles, Rockies, Brewers, White Sox, Cubs, Rangers). So many left, but I'm excited to see all of them while also exploring the country!